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    I posted about Insect Bites .....but after taking anti-biotics for a week, also antihistamines and using steroid cream on the bite...........it would NOT heal!!

    Kept leg elevated and had hubby waiting on me hand and foot!

    He was not too happy cos I could hear him in the kitchen when I asked for cup of tea/sandwich/dinner/water.........he was tutting lol.

    Anyway...I thought it was getting better then 2 days later .......went worse than ever!!

    So I had to go to walk in clinic again(If our docs are closed or we cannot get appointment we can use these clinics.......also use A&E) and they said it should have healed with 1st course of A/B.

    So now they say I have cellulitis and boy am I in pain!

    The redness and swelling and pain have really got me down today.I cant walk with pain so I am back with leg raised and doing same as last time.The little lumps (like spots )are sssooooo sore and the swelling is really bad...as if my leg is going to burst!
    The redness looks almost blood-like it is so vivid!
    I have always been affected by bites but these are the worst ever.

    Any suggestions??

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    I'm sorry for your diagnosis. My mom had it and was told to keep her legs elevated above her heart. It got so bad that her legs actually started weeping liquid. After that she had to have her legs wrapped daily. My brother has it and was in the hospital for about 5 days with a bad infection. Maybe you need to go back to your regular doctor.