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    In the post about Olive leaf Extract you said:
    I haven't been posting much lately. Have had some bad spells. I started taking a product called 200 mg of Zen ( it also has 550 mg. GABA & 200 mg L-Theanine in it) Anyway... it gave me so much energy and a sense of well being that I began doing too much & the "push & crash" scenario began. At least I now know what my limits are truely as they have been tested. LOL.
    How long did you take this before you felt the zip? How much, often and when did you take it. Were you able to turn off and sleep? Non restorative sleep is a big problem for me like so many of us. A quick look at other products with gaba and l-theanine in them some were for sleep so I'm questioning if you are sleeping better and hence the feeling better. I'm hopefull this will give me the zip and sleep too. Thanks.
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    Bear with me if I say anything stupid okay. I had a huge amalgam filling removed today and am having troubles. I am fatigued and the brain fog is thick. Well, I felt the first zip the first day I took it but I react to everything I take almost immediately & then the effects diminish with time & use. I have only taken it a short time - just over a week. I did have a good night sleep that night but I take ZMA also. Because of the "push and crash" scene my sleep did suffer after that as I was so achy, etc. When I recooped from the "push & crash" a couple of times the 200 mg of Zen did bring back energy each time. It is still too early for me to tell the general effects long term. I will be recooping from this amalgam removal for few days I suspect so it isn't a fair test right now to say it does or doesn't help me sleep. I don't sleep well when I am all flared up like this as you can imagine with all the aches going on. Sorry, this isn't very good information for you. I do know that mental acuity was very noticeable when I first took it also. Soon as I get detoxed again I will appreciate the energy & mental acuity and if it does help me get deeper sleep I will be very happy. Oh, another benefit from it is it does have a calming effect in that it reduces anxiety. I was intolerant and it mellowed me out. I gotta scoot - time for bed. Hope this helps answer your questions. If not, maybe tomorrow I will have a clear head.
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    You answered my question just fine. When I get turned on I can never find the off switch for sleep so the crash and burn comes soon for me too. I find the ZMA only moderately helpful but take it. My blood pressure went to normal as soon as I started the ZMA and magnesium in the day. Go figure!
    Forgot, did you have to order this or could you find it locally? I found it on the net but havent check a store yet.
    Sure hope you recover quickly
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    Glad I made some sense yesterday. LOL When your brain is fogged in it is hard to know. Thanks. I am feeling better this morning and will see how the day plays out. I am carefully detoxing my body with lots of good stuff and it is helping. I am about to take an epsom salt bath too.

    Well, yes I agree with you. The ZMA does help but it isn't the full answer for me either. The first week or two it worked wonderfully. But now I still have too many wake ups and sometimes restless leg syndrome. If the ZMA doesn't work taking 2 capsules I have taken 3 capsules. It seemed to work better for me then. I ordered the magnesium plus from the store here also. I think if I took magnesium glycinate it would give me a better chance of sleeping all night & have less aches.

    As far as the "200 mg of Zen" goes, I purchased it at my naturopaths office. I've never seen it anywhere else but I haven't made an effort to track it down either. I tend to buy stuff online as I just don't have the energy most days to shop. I really don't know what I would do without my p.c.

    I hope to talk with you again. Let me know how things work out for you. If you do use the Zen & it works please take care & don't crash. There have been some great posts today about this subject. Remember when you feel good to pace yourself. I never seem to do it right. LOL. I get so excited that I feel good .... away I go & over do it. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this DD though if that is possible? How long have you been sick with it? From onset it has been 2 years for me but I didn't know what was wrong with me until around Nov. 2002. Its all kinda new to me & this site has been such a huge blessing.
    Best to you. CLD