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    I have seen that many of you have found help in TF's. But what I am also noticing is that once you stop you get sick again. Has anyone found a way around this? DO you have to take these forever? Has anyone been comptetely helped by these and don't have to take them anymore? Also, I am taking the one for EBV and I am herxing big time but I have never had EBV. TF's can't give you ebv can they? Thank you, K.
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    So sorry I had missed your post. I have been so busy reading up on the Marshall Protocol that I haven't been diligent about checking the TF board.

    I hope I can help answer your questions. I am not an expert on any of this and will just relay to you what I have read.

    It is my understanding of TF that they really don't know for sure how long you need to take it to stay well. Probably varies with individuals and the infection, etc. I have only read articles that say as you get better you can cut back but no where did I read that you could stop it completely without symptoms coming back eventually. As long as your immune system is broke I guess it is an ongoing problem. But bare in mind that people have gotten well enough to function almost normally on it so that was my goal at the time.

    I am in process of shifting over to the MP because I believe it will actually eventually cause my immune system to heal & get back on track. I want remission and am doing everything I can to get there as fast as I can. I think Dr. Marshall has excellent knowledge of what is going on with the Th1 disease and it just fits what my experience has been & my tests results so it gives me more confidence that this is the right road for me.

    No you cannot get EBV from the transfer factor. I never to my knowledge had EBV either but I also did herx from the TF. Then I was tested for EBV in June and the tests said that although I had once had it ... it was no longer active. I think in life we are all exposed to such things and our immune system can successfully fight them off without our actually getting the symptoms. Therefore we have antigens in our system already which make test readings of this nature occur. But really I have no idea if I had the EBV before or during my FM/CFS. There is no way to tell.

    When taking TF it is so important to go SLOWLY. It really seems to rile up things for us. I had to skip days when I just felt too sick and cut back until I felt okay.

    On a positive note... although since I quit TF a couple of weeks ago I have gotten worse.... I am not as bad as before I took it. It did help me quite a bit. It just isn't the total answer for me so I choose to move on.

    I hope the best for you and again I am sorry I didn't read this post until today. I hope you will understand. I hate it when that happens because I highly value everyone on this board and don't want to add to your worries by letting your post go unanswered. Please forgive me.

    Hope you are doing well these days on the TF.

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    You've never even been exposed to EBV? More than 90 percent of the population tests pos. for it.

    As to the TF's, they are made with live viruses and they can certainly cause an immune reaction which can make one feel fluish. That is why it's so important to go slowly.

    I've had to break open the capsules and pour a very small amount on a spoon and put it under my tongue.

    After about a month, I am finally starting to feel better on the TF.

    From what I have read, most people can stop taking the TF between three and six months and then only take it occasionally.

    Taking the TF is like taking an oral vaccine to train the immune system to recognize and kill the targeted pathogens. So, even if you have no EBV in your system, the TF will keep you from getting it or keep it from reactivating.

    I have never heard of anyone's getting sick from the TF other than the initial immune response, kind of like how one feels after taking a flu shot.

    Love, Mikie