Centerpiece ideas for country style wedding rehearsal dinner?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TXPeach, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. TXPeach

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    Does anyone have any good suggestions for centerpiece ideas for a country style wedding rehearsal dinner? My friend's son is getting married and I promised to help with table decorations. HELP!

    Thanks for any tips, suggestions!

  2. bevy2most

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    You can take little tin buckets and fill them with flowers to match their colors. The buckets can ususally be found at the dollar store, or at a Dollar General.

    Baby food jars with twigs hot glued to the outside of them and filled with flowers also will work for the food table filled with mini carnations or a smaller flower. Contrasting ribbon can also be put around the top or bottom of the jars for a splash of color. The smaller jars are great for holding tea light candles.

    I have other ideas, but it depends when the wedding is, and what the colors are. I see you are in Tx I am in San Antonio, where are you at?
  3. Cromwell

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    Little lassos leading out from the center floral (with a bottle of nice wine in tin milk pail) to the place names, then one prize hidden so people pull their lassos and one person gets the bottle of wine as only their lasso is attached?

    Have a nice time in any case.

  4. findmind

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    Miniature fiddles and guitars and cowboy and cowgirl boots filled with flowers.

    A bride and groom dressed in western attire?

    Children's corral toys making a barn scene?

    have a wonderful time!

  5. joyfully

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    Hey San Antonian. I live in Austin. Zechouny lives in Round Rock.
  6. joyfully

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    On the table, you could have those little yelow baby chicks that have the little wire legs. I would think you could get them dirt cheap now since it is after Easter.

    You could even make a nest with some colored eggs or some plastic eggs in it and have a couple of the baby yellow chicks sitting in one half of the egg shell. I'd tuck a couple flowers around the perimeter of the nest.

    The colored plastic eggs would be dirt cheap now too.

    I don't know how country you want to go:

    A concrete goose with a bow tie around its neck.

    Make a sign that says something like "getting hitched" out of rope.

    Hay bales???

    Checkerd table cloths.

    Sun flowers
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  7. fight4acure

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    They're really pretty for a country setting wedding.

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