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    Someone posted a message that Annette Whittemore from the Whittemore Peterson Institute is trying to get financial support to open four research and treatment centers for cfs and related medical conditions.
    I think this would help a lot.
    Many people are suffering from cfs and don't have anywhere to go for help.
    If there are treatment centers with doctors who are educated about cfs I think it would help a lot. This should be the number one priority.
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    yes that was me will find post and bump it. You are so right and they have been working with prof K de M. we also need to support Dr Chia and all the other specialist who did such a brilliant job of advocacy at the cfsac.

    This has been advocacy at its best major thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get this meeting videocast, jean harrison from MAME (mothers against ME) was instrumental in this. Also everyone who wrote to their politicians the csfac and the cdc , and watched to show their support.


    we need to keep the pressure on the cdc to make sure they do take on board the cfsac recommendations. The biggest one is to make sure they do as the cfsac say and fire reeves!