central fatigue following meals

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    In another topic Jeanne-in-Canada explained some of the findings in MCS which can lead to feeling fatigued, wiped out or sleepy after meals.

    Since then there have been discussion on the Internet on the role insulin peaks have on amino acids, this is most likely to happen when a meal is high in carbs. Too much insulin and too few amino acids can result in trytophan becoming the dominant amino acid in the brain, this results in typical symptoms related to serotonin ie sleepyness, central fatigue, or the neurological symptoms that are present in serotonin syndrome.

    This may be why the paleo diet, and the diet Matn used, results in a significant % reporting more energy.

    I only get this problem in cycles now; when it resurfaces I eat the protein portion of my meal first, and cut back on my carb intake. Cinnamon helps.

    There's a long but excellent article on insulin peaks and amino acids at

    TC, Tansy
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    I can be chewing my food, and suddenly feel as if I don't have the stregnth to finish chewing what is in my mouth. The fatigue hits fast and hard. Does anyone else have this happen to them?
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    but it only returns during major flare ups or when herxing/detoxing.

    It just occurred to me that even when I get this central fatigue etc after meals it never happens with my first meal of the day. I take 1g of spirulina and 2g of chlorella in the morning; these are high in amino acids.

    TC, Tansy
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