Central Florida Research reported 2 negatives and three positives to us

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  1. The highly sensitive Central Florida Research Borrellia Burgdorferi Direct Fluorescent Antibody Flow Cytometry test for the Lyme spirochete is controversial, since they mainly report positive results.

    Florida Detox and Wellness Institute sent whole blood samples to Central Florida Research from five different patients. TWO TESTS WERE NEGATIVE and three were positive. When samples from a married couple were sent, the husband tested positive and the wife tested negative.

    The Central Florida Research Flow Cytometry test turnaround time is an incredible two days, unlike two weeks for Lymes Western blot which only finds Lyme 54 to 90 percent of time, when it is present.

    We have not used their Lyme Western Blot and do not know how it compares to Igenix or Labcorp.

    Steve Sponaugle
    Research Director
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    so what's the next step to getting approved by MediCare maybe?

    There's also a lyme board here where you might also want to post it. Important that it's here too, tho.... there has proven to be a big overlap in diagnoses...

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    Ooops just realized your name is advertising your detox center... that may not be allowed here, hope you cleared it with PH first, despite assumed good intentions.[This Message was Edited on 03/14/2010]

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