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    I am moving to NJ to take a job in Monmouth area, my husband may be working in Trenton area. I have FMS and have been seeing a good doctor who has been treating me with a combination of alternative therapy and narcotics (fentynl patch - same dose for nearly ten years). I need some recommendations for a good doctor who will continue my treatment and perhaps improve upon it. I am worried about starting a new job and finding that the narcotic therapy would not be continued. I am not opposed to discontinuing if better alternatives are found, but I do not want to go through withdrawal while starting a new job.

    I will need both a primary care doc and a fms specialist (unless both are one and the same)
    Any recommendations? I also have the trouble that I may be out of pocket for the first ninety days of my new job as my new insurance won't kick in for 90 days. Any thoughts here would be good.