Centrifuging in Probiotics

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  1. SheriAL

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    I know that I have not found a probiotic that has taken care of my bacterial infections..the infections are constant for years....every month to 2 months...

    The meds did not take care of them, they dont work anymore, flagyl nor clindamycin...probiotics and good diet has not worked..

    so I ordered the book from amazon in UK two weeks ago, titled.... Probiotics by Leon Chaitow and Natasha Trenev....

    In this book they discuss that if you can find a probiotic product that has not been through the centrifuged process, "meaning the way it is spun in making it" that you will have as much as several billion viable organisms, each capable of producing up to 20 families...on the other hand if your product is centrifuged , then you may have several billion organisms but only capable of at the most presenting you with three families...each
    Also they mention the importance of a diary based medium that it is grown in as keeping more of the viable organisms alive, other than having one non dairy and grown on just rice or carrots etc...

    Also powdered probiotics are mentioned as being more beneficial...and that probiotics are not to be taken with food...best time to take them is before bedtime with room temperature water..No warm beverages....

    Also they state that to get a probiotic that does not contain s.faecium or L.casei, and one that is not centrifuged and that it should be in a glass bottle, not plastic..

    Also that the best probiotics will have these qualities and also be shipped packed in dry ice..and have been kept refrigerated from the day they were made and then shipped to you in dry ice packing...to your house..Is there any company that does this?

    Now you know I am desperate to find the best probiotics out there to go to the trouble to get a friend in England to buy this book for me and then mail the book to me from England to save postage. I am on limited income , but I feel to find the best probiotic is my priority , as I have not been able to get rid of the bacteria that is causing these nonspecific bacterial infections, as I can not find out which particular bacteria is going from the intestine into the vaginal area...

    I rarely have a vaginal yeast infection now..

    The bacterial infection has taken over now, whereas it used to be yeast for years, then bacterial and yeast alternating , now bacterial only...

    so , if anyone would like to get a discussion going on centrifuged probiotics , glass bottles, refrigerated at makers then shipped in dry ice to your home,

    and which probiotic your specialist has told you to use and which you have found to address some of these issues..PLEASE post on here...

    I will be looking forward to reading your replies..

    With the hundreds of products out there and most of us on limited incomes, we really need you to share what you know, what you used that did not benefit you ,and especially which probiotic you think is great....and works for you ....
    thank you
    Sheri in AL. USA
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    my doc in Portland told me to ONLY buy refrigerated probiotics if I didn't want to buy from him. (When I moved here, I got them from a chiropractor, and he'd run out. They WOULD NOT ship to him over a weekend because of the refrigeration/dry ice issue.)

    Anyway, you have to get them from a health care professional, but you can call the company to find out who in your area sells it.

    They'll also ship to you if the doctor/chiropractor orders it, but I'm not sure what quantity you'd have to buy....

    You can ask them about the undesirable ingredients, but I'd be willing to bet they don't include them. They also had the 20 billion live cultures, or whatever.

    It's also possible Immune Support has high quality probiotics. Don't know 'cause I don't use them anymore.
  3. Mikie

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    I buy it here and have found it to be the best probiotic I have found. I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Even if one finds the product refrigerated at a retail outlet, there is no guarantee that it was shipped using dry ice from the manufacturer. I do refrigerate mine after opening it.

    Love, Mikie
  4. SheriAL

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    do you find it at a health food store...what brand is it?
    Is it called just Jarro Dophilus?
    Have you ever take S. boulardi alone seperate with your probiotic...it is a form of probiotic by itself, a strain?

    The centrifuging process takes away the ability for more colonies to form in the intestine...madwolf is you can ask someone who is in a lab or researcher about that it would be great....
    The book that describes this is called
    Probiotics..the revolutionary freindly bacteria way to vital health and well being...by Leon Chaitow ND.DO and Natasha Trenev edition date 1990..I got it off amazon from the UK...
    They say to look for non centrifuged.I can not find a product that is non centrifuged at the lab..

    Thanks for sharing..I hope more people will tell me which is the most potent and good viable probiotic they use and like too...