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    I'm wondering if anyone has taken CEPHALEXIN? it's an antibiotic that stops or slows the growth of bacterial cells by preventing bacteria from forming the cell wall that surrounds each cell. Without a cell wall, bacteria are not able to survive.

    My sister has Fibromyalgia. Whenever she is given this drug her joint pain stops, she sleeps through the night, she has no muscle weakness...and her swelling goes down to the point her wrist watch is hanging loose on her wrist.
    She can also RUN up the stairs!!!

    She told her internist this and he blows her off!!!

    She also has miter vavle problems with her heart.

    She was biten by an unknown flying insect the actually took a bite of her skin on her face...she turned red and blue from the bite site on the front of her cheek to her ear and down to the jaw line...it closed her eye.

    After the first dose of Cephalexin the swelling decreased and the other symtoms when away.

    she is only on this drug for 12 days.

    she is finally feeling sooooo much better that she would like to stay on it longer to make sure the bacteria is dead.

    Have you been on this and for how long???

    Any doctor or nurses on site that have an opinion??

    Thank you for your input.