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    Yes, you read right! Certo, for making jam (liquid in pouches) mixed with juice helps with joint pain! I haven't personally tried this, but my best friends husband did this, and after a few weeks of drinking juice with Certo in it, he noticed the difference! Now he uses it as needed. All you do is mix up a pitcher of your favorite juice and a a pouch of liquid Certo to it, and drink it! How long it takes for you to get results I am sure varries due to individual needs, but they say it works! My hubby is gonna try it! Just bought the Certo the other day!

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    never heard of pectin for that, but anything is possible.

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    but they say it works!,,,,,
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    I heard of this years ago for arthritis relief.

    And ... a newspaper's doctor column just review home remedies a few weeks ago, and this was one of them. I think he said you could mix it by the glassful if you want--2-3 teaspoons to an 8 oz. glass of grape juice, and drink 3 per day.

    I don't know why he mentioned grape juice--I have also always heard to put it in grape juice.

    It is supposed to work.

    You must use the LIQUID pection -- NOT the POWDERED pectin.
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    this may be worth a shot!