cervical stenosis

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    I have read alot of postings about cervical stenosis. I am wondering if the surgery really works?
    I have read on the National Fibromyalgia Research Assosiation about 85% improvement after that surgery. Was it worth it?
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    I have some bad cervical (neck) problems, too. (I have paramedian herniated disks, degenerative and buldging disks, thecal sac effacement, bone spurs, spinal canal stenosis, compression of an exiting nerve root, severe cervial spondlosis, and facet arthropathy.)

    I have heard of shots for this problem, but I don't know if they are cortisone or not.

    I investigated this due to the pain, but decided, along with the help of my daughter (who is a physician), not to risk it. I agree, the pain is terrific.

    I have the same and other problems with my lumbar spine, which cause extreme low back pain to the point that I can not stand or walk for more than 15 min. at a time, then I must sit down for an hour to recuperate.

    I did have 3 LESI's (lumbar epidural spinal injections) but it was some type of numbing med to numb the pain and probably some type of steroid to reduce inflammation.

    I decided to have these injections ONLY because the place they would be injecting was below the spinal cord.

    Each shot was $1500 (done in same day surgery unit of hospital as an outpatient). They were supposed to last and provide pain relief for 6 months or so. THEY DID NOT WORK!!!!! The first one lasted about a week. The second and third did not help one bit. I will not take them again.

    If someone is going to inject in your neck, MAKE SURE THEY ARE EXPERIENCED AND HAVE DONE IT MANY, MANY TIMES!!

    Have you tried other ways of trying to reduce the inflammation and swelling prior to taking this step?
    Like maybe taking anti-inflammatories, or a prednisone med pak, etc., then taking a non-narcotic pain reliever like Ultram (and having stronger ones on hand for really bad days)?

    If you have the shots, let me know if they helped you.

    Good luck,
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    My husband was found to have cervical stenosis about 12 years ago, along with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and 2 herniated discs. He was told by 3 different doctors to wait until he got to the point of falling down before having surgery. He was recently told the same thing.

    He is scared of surgery, IMO justifiably, as he has seen people with different kinds of spinal surgery more often worse off (he was a psychologist for 20 years, worked with a lot of worker's comp cases for chronic pain).

    Although, unbelievably, his most recent MRI actually showed a widening instead of increased narrowing... maybe the supplements he takes (about 40 different kinds) are having some effect on this, who knows. Or maybe it is more labile than they know/think?

    He came to the conclusion that unless it was absolutely unbearable for pain or other reasons, he would forego it...

    don't know if this helps any, but here's a bump at least.

    all the best,

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    are you maybe talking about chiari malformation surgery?

    Just had the thought that maybe this was what you were talking about, since it has been found to be linked to fibro and help those who have the malformation?

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    what are bumps?
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    Yes Chiari malformation is on the NFRA website too and cause cervical stenosis among other stuff too.
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    Go to the National Fibromyalgia Research Association's website. I don't know where you are located but they have neurosurgery hospitals in Cinncinati and another in Milwalkee.