Cesar the Cat--Please, prayers, good wishes, whatever

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    Please, please some prayers, good wishes or whatever you can offer for my service animal, Cesar the cat.

    Cesar, my service animal cat, is the greatest and has worked for me to do many things and is my pain technique partner so I don't have to take pain pills and he takes incredible care of me when I'm sick and he rides in my electric scooter basket. His sister and he have really helped to make such a positive difference in my life since becoming disabled and I owe God and the cats everything. Cesar isn't just an animal, he's a working service animal, and I really love him and I'm sorry if I offend anyone when I say this-- but he is really family to me.

    He is really sick, not eating, and I have to face that he may die. He is at the vet today and they are going to keep him all day, put a line in him to hydrate him, will probably put a line in to nourish him, get another urine sample and redo and widen the blood work panel so they have a better idea of what is happening. By the end of the day, they should have an idea of what is happening. I feel like my heart is being broken and waiting will be very hard to do. Every day when I pray I always thank God for both of the cats, his gifts to me and today I asked Him to please help Cesar.

    I have always believed that Cesar and his sister were a gift from God and true blessings from
    Him. Taking Cesar in the car, I always sing to him. Today I wasn't feeling good and I didn't know what to sing and it came to me that instead of singing "Jesus loves the little children" I changed it to "Jesus loves the little kittties, all the kitties in the world, be they yellow, black or white, they are precious to his sight, Jesus loves the little kitties of the world." and sang it to Cesar that way. Amazingly, he was very content going to the vet riding in the dog seat in the front of the car (they don't travel in cat carriers). I on the other hand hadn't slept at all last night and then at 5:00 am my irritable bowel syndrome kicked in and I couldn't stop with diahrea and finally had to take the prescription medication at 7:00 am otherwise I didn't think I would ever get to the vet.

    Thank you for any words you can offer for Cesar as he's really a good boy.

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    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I just prayed for both of you.

    There are few feelings as painful and hard to manage as those we feel when our companion animals are sick. It is as though a cold hand reaches inside and twists -- horrible, horrible feeling, almost unbearable really.

    I have a little dog whom I love beyond all sense or reason. Everything I know about suffering and how to cope with it seems to abandon me when he is threatened or when I contemplate that one day, in the natural scheme of things, we will be parted. It is almost more than I can bear. Almost. We must hang on to that "almost". He is not the first dog I have loved beyond all reason and, somehow, I learned, each time, to go on without them when it came to that. And, I understood that while I would never be quite the same, they were all right. And, once connected by love, always connected by love. That I know for sure.

    But, Cesar is still with you now. Just try to deal with what is. So hard, so very, very hard. As I write, I can see where you have typed: he's really a good boy. Tears spill down my face each time I look at those words. I'm sure he is a good boy, a very special and good boy!

    Remember to breathe. Try to trust that you can never really be separated from a little piece of your heart no matter what happens. Know that I, and many others here I'm sure, feel your dreadful pain.

    Now, he is here. Try not to project yourself into some future time. It's not possible to avoid it altogether but now that you have acknowledged it, just be here now. It may be something quite treatable.

    I'll be looking for updates. Please remember to breathe.

    with you,

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    I am so sorry that Cesar is sick and you are so worried. I pray that the vet can find the source of Cesar's illness and provide treatment which will fully heal him, so he can quickly go home with you.

    I also pray that you will feel comforted by the love of concerned friends, and the love of God, and will find peace in allowing the vet to use their expertise to heal your beloved Cesar.

    I will continue praying for you and Cesar. Please update us often.
  4. Debra49659

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    I can totally understand your thinking that he is your family and love him as such. I have a toy poodle that brings me such joy and comfort.

    I pray that Cesar will recover from his illness and that God's hand will provide his loving touch. I pray that He will protect and guard Cesar. I pray that God touches the doctors and assistants that are helping Cesar. And I pray that Cesar will be home with you soon happy and healthy!

  5. lrning2cope

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    Dear Lord , thank you so much for the little fuzz babies that you have given us to bring joy into our lives. You truly have put a little bit of a miracle into everyone of these little purr balls. Thank you for thinking of bringing cats into being Lord.

    Right now , I pray for Cesar . He is so precious to 2cats and he is so loved. Please let the vet find just the right treatment for Cesar and let Cesar be well soon .

    I also pray foe Cesars Mom , 2cats , that she feels Your Peace , Lord , as she awaits the results of her fur babies tests. Please also be with her as she deals with whatever comes next and bring her little Cesar home REALLY SOON .

    In Jesus Holy Name ,
    Amen and Amen

    Love and prayers for all the little kitties of the world . Jesus loves them too !


    PS I have a message for you on the migraine board too. It is under the shoulder pain - migraine post.
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    Hi 2catdoc,
    Poor old Cesar! I've had so many cats over my lifetime. Love them all. They are companions and friends, and it's soooooo heartbreaking when something happens to them. Praying for the best possible outcome for Cesar and for you too!

    Take care,
  7. windblade

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    I feel like I know Cesar from all you've written about him. Started praying, and will keep praying while he's at the vets. I wrote his name down on a piece of paper to carry around.

    Lord God, thank you for your great love for Cesar, please be with the vets, with all care and tests he is being given - please give them accuracy and wisdom.

    Be with TwoCatDoctors - help her to stay functional, so that she can be alert to hear news, and take action on it.

    Lord God, bring your tenderness to Cesar and TwoCats, bring your peace in the midst of all this. Thank you for the love between them, and your perfect love surrounding and holding them. I ask this in your Holy Name. Amen.
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