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  1. Indie86

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    I've noticed that the majority of the posts on here are about Fibromyalgia. I don't know alot about that, but I gather its often something that chronic fatigue can lead to? I have been "diagnosed" with post viral/chronic fatigue, just wondering if anyone else has that or started with that, and what the link between Fibro and CF is?
  2. rigby

    rigby New Member

    I had CF almost 10 years before I was dx with FM Sharon
  3. Diva55

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    Hi Prickles
    Your description "and random stabbing / burning pains that are referred pains from the muscle tension".

    I have always been told & read that the random pains are caused by the pain neurotransmitters in the brain not operating correctly. So they just go haywire and send out random pain messages to the muscles.

    So your description is completley different from that - where did you get your information from? If that was the case then easing the muscle tension by say maasage would deal with any referred pains. Just my speculation on the description.

    Thanks & Regard
  4. roge

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    No one knows difinitivley about anything when it comes to FM and CFS as well as a link. Some have CFS first, then the FM later and some vice versa. Some believe they are the same disease and some say no. Until the science is better, no point in really debating it.

    As for the pain, Prickles stated it well but that is MPS (myofacial pain syndrome) and as I stated in an earlier post today, it is a differnet illness than FM although it can be debated. MPS involves trigger points or knots that refer pain where as FM is more increased pain sensitivity along with of course sleep dysfunction and fatigue and brain fog just to name a few where as MPS will seldom result in sleep dysfunction and the wider set of symptoms of FM as MPS tends to be more regional in nature. There are some theories that chronic or untreated MPS can lead to FM due to the chronic pain from MPS slowlying affecting the brain chemicals which could lead to overall increased pain sensitivity.

    IMS (inramuscular stimulation or dry needling) is one effective way to dx MPS as a healthy muscle will accept a 2 inch accupuncture needle with no pain and no local twitch response where as a dysfunctional muscle will cramp and cause pain (in my case severe). I just had IMS a few months ago and it was brutal (was willing to endure this short term pain for hopefully long term gain) but I couldnt tolerate the treatments anymore and the pain of the treatments was not worth the limited benefit I received. IMS has helped many with MPS but I suspect just those with pure MPS and not MPS and FM as the FM perpetuates the MPS.

  5. Diva55

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    Sorry I didn't mean to be rude & ignore your post by jumping in with a question.

    I have had FM for 5+ years & in the past few months I've felt like I've developed more of the CF side of things BUT as Roge put it so well no-one knows if one kicks off one or in what way they are interlinked. They are both umbrella terms with some similar symptoms.

    I'm not a medical person but I've known peope diagnosed with post viral fatigue (as opposed to CF) that have gotten better with rest, rest & more rest & nutritional support.

    I wish you health.

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