CFIDS a hetersexual AIDS like illness?

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    From the "HHV-6 News"

    The latest news about one of the most destructive viruses causing immune dysfunction all over the world today. HHV-6 has been linked to AIDS, CFIDS, MS, AUTISM, CANCER, and research on this deadly virus is really only in its infancy.

    Friday, July 08, 2005
    A Question for Dr. Joseph Brewer
    Dr. Joseph Brewer has offered an interesting paradigm
    for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a kind of variable HHV-6A
    Syndrome. Click here for an explanation of the

    Here's our question. Where is the HHV-6A Syndrome
    epidemic in the gay community? HHV-6A is transmitted
    in a number of ways, including sexually. One would
    expect there to be a major epidemic in the gay
    community. So where is it?

    This rhetorical question was addressed a few years ago
    (in a slightly different way) in the Op-ed piece below.

    Where is the Massive Gay Chronic
    Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic?

    By Charles Ortleb

    While AIDS has dominated the medical news for the last
    two decades, another potentially major epidemic which
    the media has generally ignored or minimized, has
    grown exponentially. Originally mocked as "Yuppie
    Flu," the name "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)"
    eventually evolved into what is now known as "Chronic
    Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Sydrome (CFIDS)."

    The Centers for Disease Control and the National
    Institutes of Health (for very mysterious reasons)
    have been slow to respond to the potentially
    catastrophic epidemic of CFIDS which began to manifest
    itself at the same time as AIDS. Given that there have
    been many reports of CFIDS breaking out in families,
    schools, and communities, there is little doubt among
    serious observers that it is contagious. If this is
    so, why is it not spreading like wildfire in the gay
    community? What biological wall around the gay
    community has prevented CFIDS from being a major gay
    health problem?

    Neenyah Ostrom, who reported on CFIDS for a decade at
    "New York Native," has written three books giving a
    detailed history of the research on CFIDS. She has
    reported on a long list of symptoms and immune
    aberrations have been found in Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome; virtually all of them can also be found in
    AIDS patients. These include problems with T-cells,
    natural killer cells, B-cells, and monocytes. There
    are serious neurological, digestive and cardiac
    symptoms that AIDS and CFIDS share. Where are all the
    gay men with the often serious CFIDS problems? Do they
    have some special immunological protection against
    CFIDS? Or is it that every gay person who has AIDS
    also has CFIDS? How does that work? How do doctors
    treat CFIDS in an AIDS patient? How come we never read
    anything about that?

    The medical literature is full of suggestions that, at
    the very least, CFIDS is AIDS-like. Some research
    suggests that an even stronger statement about its
    relationship to AIDS could be made. Nancy Klimas, one
    of the pioneering CFS researchers, led a team of
    scientists who concluded in 1990 that Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome could be considered "a form of acquired
    immunodeficiency." Paul Cheney, one of the first
    medical doctors to look closely at the epidemic of
    CFS, has referred to it as "AIDS minor." Others have
    somewhat bizarrely called it an epidemic of something
    that could be called the "mirror-image of AIDS." Well,
    what about the gay community?

    Where is the epidemic of
    the "mirror image of AIDS" in the AIDS-besieged gay
    community? What is the difference between a gay person
    with AIDS and a gay person with "the mirror-image of
    AIDS." I bet that virtually no members of the gay
    community are aware that there could be thousands of
    members of their community with the contagious "mirror
    image of AIDS."

    Saying that CFIDS is not a fatal condition and doesn't
    deserve any serious attention is not really a
    fact-based statement. A number of people with CFIDS do
    seem to have died of complications of their

    A Massachusetts-based organization for
    CFIDS patients has a page of obituaries in every issue
    of their newsletter and many of the deceased people
    they report on seem to have died from problems related
    to their CFIDS.

    When was the last time you heard of a
    gay person dying of complications of CFIDS? And even
    though it may not always be fatal, many CFIDS patients
    describe their lives as living hells. Why do we not
    read a steady stream of stories in gay publications
    about gay people coping with CFIDS?

    Some estimates of the number of people suffering from
    CFIDS in the United States go as high as 14 million.
    If we use the 5% number which is often used to
    estimate the number of gay people in America, where
    are the 700,000 cases of CFIDS in the gay community?
    How about just 100,000? That should still be a
    noticeable blip on the medical radar screen.

    The gay community has been living under a medical
    microscope for two decades. If there is a major
    contagious epidemic that is AIDS-like, one would think
    that there would be all kinds of studies of this
    AIDS-like epidemic in the gay community. Some people
    seem to have made careers out of studying the
    illnesses of gay people.

    And yet one never hears of
    public health warnings about the transmission of CFIDS
    in the gay community. There are no gay CFIDS
    commissions, no gay CFIDS ribbons, no gay CFIDS subway
    posters, no GAY CFIDS benefits, no CFIDS quilts.

    If the worst estimate of CFIDS incidence is accurate, it would
    seem reasonable to suggest that for every gay AIDS
    patient a gay doctor has in his practice, he should
    have one or two--or more--gay CFIDS patients. And given the
    similarity of their symptoms, how does the doctor keep
    his patients straight? It is theoretically possible
    that a new AIDS patient will have more T-cells than an
    old CFIDS patient.

    If a gay person has the symptoms
    and immune abnormalities of CFIDS which look just like
    the symptoms and immune abnormalities of AIDS, and
    tests negative for HIV, is he given a clean bill of
    health? And why are gay doctors not warning the gay
    community about the possibility of contracting CFIDS
    and giving it to others? Gay people are issued every
    other imaginable kind of medical and lifestyle
    warning. Why none for CFIDS?

    Are we supposed to believe that the gay community is
    somehow miraculously immune to CFIDS? That would
    certainly be a fascinating finding. And perhaps a
    bogus one too.

    There is a far more parsimonious
    explanation for why we don't hear about a massive
    CFIDS epidemic in the gay community. Let's just say
    for now that it is very curious that most CFIDS
    patients tend to be neither gay nor Black while most
    AIDS patients tend to be gay or Black or both. Nothing
    political is going on here, right?

    Gay men are told that the key to protecting their
    immune system is knowing the HIV antibody status of
    their partners. But what if their partners have CFIDS?

    Why are gay men and lesbians not warned to ask
    about the CFIDS status of their partners, and not
    urged to inform their partners if they have any CFIDS

    For that matter, given that CFIDS has been
    presented by research an an essentially heterosexual
    AIDS-like illness, why are heterosexuals not warned
    about transmitting or contracting CFIDS? Where are
    CFIDS warning posters in heterosexual bars?

    Needless to say, I think there is a Pandora's Box of a
    story here. It is one that could lead to a change in
    the way we look at AIDS and CFIDS. It might even lead
    to a major medical and scientific paradigm shift.

    But for the time being, can someone just answer this
    simple question: where is the major epidemic of
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the gay community?

    posted by rubicon at 11:30 AM
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    1. AIDS is an overwhelmingly HETEROSEXUAL disease worldwide. I cannot believe that in the 21st Century some people still think it is a "GAY DISEASE!"
    I know plenty of Gays and Lesbian with CFS/FM.

    2. CFS/FM may be triggered by a virus but as far as I know there is no definitive proof that it is air/fluid/blood transferable. If there is a new study out to say so will you please provide link to abstract?

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    and of your posting it?

    Because as a gay man with FMS/CFS and who does not have AIDS...I am really curious.....because it makes no sense!
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    I`m not sure what the point is either. Maybe people get CfID or AIDS, one or the other. I`ve never hear of anybody having both hetersexual or gay.
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    I've seen this article (or one like it) on the web, but I think the idea deserves some context. Much of what this train of thought seems to be pointing toward is the possibility that the HHV-6 virus, and not the HIV virus, may be the real cause of several newly emerging, serious and chronic conditions. These conditions include AIDS, CFS, autism, MS, and perhaps others.

    According to some research, the HHV-6 virus has been implicated as a possible "activator" or "enabler" of the HIV virus, and the same "activation" function has been suggested for MS, CFS, and others. I believe what the real question being posed is: "are we chasing the wrong virus with AIDS, trying to figure out how to defend against the HIV virus when, if HHV-6 were eliminated, HIV would be just another innoculus virus?"

    I have to admit, the recent Montoya studies seem, to me, to lend some credence to this thought process, although I don't believe anyone has the answers at this point.

    As for CFIDS in the gay community, I suspect it is just as prevalent, and just as ignored, as it is in the straight community. AIDS has a marker: HIV; whether or not it is the root cause. Unfortunately, CFIDS does not.

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