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    PBS Special Brings H.O.P.E. to IBS and Heartburn Sufferers

    PBS Special Brings H.O.P.E. to IBS and Heartburn Sufferers

    cfids and such is talked about with IBM show is on the 22nd of March.

    I went to the site and this is showing in Fla. PBS at that time...does not mention Ohio.......does anyone know if it has shown or will be in Ohio?

    I was off for a few forgive me if this was alreay posted.....I am trying to catch up on postings,,,,,
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    THANKS acesnanna

    I really appreciate your kindness here. I looked it not see where this is playing in our area, which is Bowling Green Ohio area....

    It is so hard to find some of this programing that I would love to see....

    Now I know how to check and Thanks so much....Susan
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    I don't see where I can add my zip is 19014 or philadelphia area.

    Can someone help me? I am having a foggy day!
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    On left hand side of home page......around a third small will see:

    Find another PBS it

    When you get on the page fron clicking from above.....I had put in my zip code.......

    All nice to know......

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