CFIDS: Anyone tried Petrovic's Protocol???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dannybex, Sep 11, 2003.

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    Hello to all,

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Dr. Nash Petrovic's high-dose (reeeeally high dose) antioxidant and trace mineral protocol for treating (and he claims in most cases) curing CFIDS. Yes, I'm just as skeptical as you are, but he does seem to have a good track record with those who follow the protocol to the letter, and complete the five to nine month effort. It IS expensive, but when you think about it, probably not too much more than most of us are shelling out on a monthly basis for vitamins, supplements, naturopaths, etc..

    Would love to hear from folks who have actually completed the program. And if you tried it, but quit early, would like to know why.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I posted basically the same question a while back, after reading about Petrovic's protocol online. There were a few replies, but nothing too informative. Do a search under Petrovic and you'll find my question and the responses. I hope more people reply to your post.
    Have you heard of Dr. Dantini in Florida? He apparently has had some success with antiviral treatment for CFS too. I'd also be very curious if anyone has tried his protocol and how it has worked.
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    in South Africa? I did read a post about that man but it seems he won't work with a physician, or release his protocol, unless the physician becomes a "franchise". Very suspicious. I'd be very leary of anyone who is only trying to sell his own personal protocol, by himself or getting some kind of cut from franchised physicians. I've come across several "patented" products that can only be obtained from that one person. I delete them.

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    Thanks for your replies. I did speak with a doctor here in north Seattle, who had posted a success story on Petrovic's site, and although he has other patients with CFIDS, only that one patient used the protocol, with amazing success. This doctor is a no-nonsense type of guy, and said he wasn't accepting new patients, so he certainly didn't sound like he was trying to push the Petrovic protocol to pay for a "franchise" fee. But I understand your skepticism totally. I'm waiting to hear back from Petrovic, so I'll let you know on that, but I don't think it's true. I too am a little suspicious when it comes to "special" mixes of antioxidants, etc., that you can only get from one doctor, and I guess that's why when I first saw his webpage a year ago, I dismissed it. But I came across it the other day, while doing a google search. I stumbled upon a site of a woman named Lorrie, who was "recovering", using other VERY IMPORTANT things we tend to dismiss, like meditation, deep breathing, etc., and happen to mention she's on the 6-7th month (can't remember) of his protocol. After being anorexic and nearly unable to walk or stand for more than a five minutes a little less than a year ago, she now just got back from a month of travel. Yes, she's had many ups and downs, and recently had a huge 3-day down period, but to her, it was a good sign that her immune system was kicking in (a healing crisis), and since then says she is feeling clearer and better than before, and hasn't had a down day since. (A "google" search using the words "Chronic fatigue" and "recovering" will pull up her site.) STILL, it's EXPENSIVE, so I'm waiting to hear from more folks. I've yet to hear a negative from anyone who's COMPLETED his protocol, but again, I'll post if I hear from the doctor, or if I don't. They've been updating their website, so it's acting kind of funky right now, and perhaps will take awhile to get back to me.

    Thanks again,

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    I haven't heard of Dr. Dantini and his anti-viral approach, but I would assume that may only (possibly) work, if your CFIDS is viral-related. (which I know, a lot of it can be.) But I think the key to long lasting health is to restore the strength of or correct the imbalance of one's immune system, so that we can fight off whatever comes our way. I think that's why the Petrovic thing is supposed to help, because it helps your body do just that. Again, deep breathing (think about it -- are you holding your breath right now, or taking short shallow breaths?) can help reduce stress, which can seriously stress one's it's not all about pills, vitamins, etc...

    Okay, I'll shut up!

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    If you think this could work for you, by all means go for it. If you don't you may always wonder. Personally, I have to abandon any idea that is expensive - I'd like to try the Human Growth Hormone, for instance - and that leads to a feeling that I haven't tried everything possible.

    Odd you should mentioned holding my breath. I find myself holding my breath often, for no reason. I also take shallow breaths unless I'm feeling real bad, and then I'll take a few deep breaths. And I have a bad habit (?) of sighing loudly and deeply (repeatedly) when I'm very fatigued but pushing myself to continue working. I wonder if anyone else does that?

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    Hi Joann,

    Two quick things: Regarding human growth hormone: There are several different amino acids that help the body to produce and release more growth hormone, so I'd definitely look into that -- much, much, MUCH cheaper -- plus isn't the expensive GH that they use a synthetic version of the real thing? I'd personally stay away from that (i.e., it's not nice to fool with mother nature!), but that's just me.

    As for the Petrovic thing, I still have yet to hear from him, and have since heard some pretty negative things on other boards: He doesn't tell you what you're getting (at least not specifically -- no wonder he has no US websites), and he doesn't really tailor the supplements to one's body type, it's kind of a one-size fits all approach, which we all know is ridiculous. What works for an overweight person isn't going to help an anorexic! I also find it very troubling that he hasn't posted an update (even testimonial-wise) in almost THREE years? His website says it's being updated for 2003, but HELLO, it'll be 2004 in 3+ months. I think I'll probably end up trying my own antioxidant cocktail, and see what happens.

    And finally, regarding the breathing thing: I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier or not, but on EVERY SINGLE website or book that has been put together by someone who has recovered from CFIDS or FM, they ALL (including Lorrie, who's trying the Petrovic supps) mention the critical importance of some sort of DAILY stress reduction techniques, whether it's deep breathing for 10-15 minutes a couple times a day, or meditation, or calming music or CD's. Quieting the mind, and being still and resting both the body AND the mind is vital to recovery.

    Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath!