CFIDS Article in Oprah's September Issue...

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    I dunno if anyone has mentioned this yet or not, but I just received an email from my support group leader telling me that there was an article on CFIDS in this months issue of Oprah Magazine...

    If anyone read it would you care to share the highlights or some excerpts...Or if anyone knows of a recent post regarding this feel free to tell me to go search for it...I am here everyday (physically) but mentally not so much, tehe

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    I love doing that...
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    I just read a thread posted here a couple of days ago that was titled something like sending an email to Oprha. That thread said that the article would be in the Sep. issue but I have nto seen any repots on it yet.

    I did email her asking her to continue the awareness of FMS/CFS.
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    I just got back from the library and read Oprah's article. I didn't want to buy the magazine, but now I am reconsidering after reading the article because I like to collect articles about CFIDS and CFIDS research. I thought it was a pretty good start for getting awareness out there. It said some things like...CFS is comparable to AIDS or Multiple Sclerosis (not exact words, please don't quote me). It felt really good to see that article in a magazine that I believe has a large readership. It really validated CFIDS. It gave Laura Hillebrand and Michelle Akers as examples of people with CFIDS.

    Others have written about this article appearing in "O" magazine so you might want to do a search.

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    Thanks for the post. We are getting the message out. Please help me draw more people into the battle.

    WE JUST WON ANOTHER SMALL ONE. There is another article and it is on on FM. YEA FOR US!
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    Bumping for advocacy