CFIDS CHRONCLE 2005 interview with LLMD

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    from 2005:
    "Chronic Lyme disease is raising baffling scientific questions for clinicians and researchers. Patients are also confused since overlapping symptoms make it difficult to determine if they have CFIDS, FM or persistent Lyme disease. Here, one clinician and Lyme expert weighs in on the Lyme controversy."

    rest is at

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    Thank you!

    The "here" took me to a page that starts with a big OOPS, but the copy and paste took me straight to the article.

    Another keeper!
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    LOL, it worked last night, but won't work now even after trying to fix it.

    so, back to good old "copy & paste"...
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    This article is from 2005. I wonder why CFIDS doesn't focu a bit more on lyme?? I was misdiagnosed as CFS and so were many other lymies. Yet you don't hear much about it from the CFIDS organizations.

    Thanks for posting this Victoria. I sent this to some family and friends.

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    Iagree, and have often wondered the same...

    I would think most organizations would have a list of other things it could be... probably be about 100+ concrete possibilities imho.

    all the best,
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    Far too many are so focused on proving ME/CFS or FM are real diseases. To the point of not being able to see the forest through the trees.

    CFS and FM are a collection of syndromes or wastebasket diagnoses. You have pain or fatigue for 6 months which is a SYMPTOM. Then you get diagnosed with a SYMPTOM.

    For this SYMPTOM doctors tell you there is no treatment. Here's a bunch of ADs and other psych drugs. We'll just dope you up so you don't care about all your SYMPTOMS.

    Does that make any sense?