cfids & fibro, after car accident, therapy sent to is helping

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    okay hi! i have had cfids and fibro since 1995, i got i through mono twice(ebstien barr). i had one episode in college of fatuige for 6 or 7 months and bounced out then 95 hit with vengance. i have tried many medications. i tried 6,000cc of b12 per week and it did nothing but flush my face. i am currently on celebrex, wellbutrin, clonazapam, nexium, percaset, (bad spelling ya know) 1/2 dosage, once a day each except pain pill. i also take antibiotics for stress blister/cysts i get on face and elsewhere. on 1/2 medicine due to throwing up to much with combo stress and pills, i am suposed to take about 23 vitamins but GET REAl!!! i take pregnancy vitamins for the all around. i used to take prosac also for 6 years but went off of it. most of the time i can stand the pain but the fatuige gets me always. I HAD A CAR ACCIDENT and i was sent to a orthopedic rehab specialist and at first the pain was awfull of course but after about 2 months of three times a week i felt way better! i wondered if this was because of the treatment and due to circumstances of no babysitter (husband out of town) i couldnt go for a week and a 1/2. I COULD TELL THE DIFFERANCE!!!!!! the therapy is a bed with water jets wich hurts my kidneys, then they hook me up to a machine that stretches my muscles with electric pulses from my neck to lower back. with a very hot steam heated pad on my back. i then get a massage of the muscles. i told my doc and he was encouraged, i want to continue this after the car accident therapy is over, and i hope to convince them to also do my legs and arms. i for the first time in i dont know how long was actually able to get some things done!! like laundry, dishes cleaning, painting, and two kids 3 and 5 (boys). still have episodes of stress-anger, and the fast emotional ups and downs but physically WOW! not 100% but much better. the clinic i went to is in jacksonville fla 904-396-7070 if you have questions you or your doc may want to ask. as we all know it is kindof pathetic when you are thrilled you can clean your house, but when you can also do some sewing, taking care of mental things like bills, and paint. you actually finally feel some acomplishement that you might not have had since you ended your carreer, or since you had a normal life. maybe this will help. ihope it keeps helping me!! let me know what you think or if you ahve had the same treatment or same. thankyou dacer