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    As The World Spins--vertigo

    The Bold and The Dutiful--CFIDS Specialists and Researchers

    Local Hospital--clueless when it comes to CFIDS

    The Blinding Light--visual disturbances

    The Young and the Unrested--person with CFIDS

    The Days of Our Wives--husbands who have wives with CFIDS

    Oh My Children--when I am trying to take a nap

    Another's World--brainfog

    One Strife To Live--living with CFIDS

    Banta Sarbara--speech difficulties


    You sleep all night on the couch because you're too tired to get up
    and go to bed.

    You watch 4 hours of Parliament Question time because the remote
    control is on the television set.

    You lay awake all day wishing you could sleep because you're so
    tired, and you lay awake all night wishing you could get up.

    You watch the telephone as it rings, and you know you could
    manage to pick it up, but you forget what comes next.

    You are having a conversation with someone and half way through
    you have to ask them to remind you what you're talking about.

    You don't drive, but carry your driver's licence to remind yourself
    of what your name is.

    You're walking through a busy shopping center and somebody slightly
    familiar is walking towards you. As you desperately search for a
    name, you get close enought to realize you're walking towards a

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    "You are having a conversation with someone and half way through
    you have to ask them to remind you what you're talking about."

    Just happened to me. The Comcast guy called. And he was offering me a new deal since my current price expires in a week. I had to keep asking him to go over it again and even when he was done, I was confused. Basically, they are still screwing me to the wall. I can pay virtually the same thing, but they want to take away the DVR box for that. If I keep the box, I'll be paying about twenty or so dollars more a month. As it is, I can't afford this. But I said okay to the new deal for now just so they don't raise my bill an insane amount. I'll end up changing it somehow to lower. But seriously, I didn't understand half of what he was saying. My brain just wouldn't process.
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    Boy oh boy, can I relate to these!! Andrea

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