CFIDS Hospital in Mexico

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ftg, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. ftg

    ftg New Member

    Has anyone heard of Sanivov or been there? They claim to treat CFIDS as well as cancer and other illnesses. I would love to find someone who has gone and hear their experience since I am considering going there for help. Thanks
  2. rdthewave

    rdthewave New Member

    Yes, I have heard of this clinic from a woman on a different message board who just got back from her second visit...........she praises the place. Her board name is Dustybutt............she is with the yahoo group Chronic_Fatigue_Syndrome. Just do a search once you get there for messages on this subject. I am not sure though that you spelled the name of the clinic right or not. For some reason I thought it was Sanoviv..........but I could be wrong...........anyway type that in and you can read all her messages about the clinic.

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Just wondering if you ever went, and if so, how you did? And what their program was like if you did go?

    You never came back after last January's posts... how are you doing?

    all the best,

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  4. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    Just bumping because I just heard about the place as well. I will Bump mine too!
  5. zerped

    zerped New Member

    I'm sure I've read the name somewhere recently, and the spelling IS "Sanoviv," this being an abreviation in Spanish for "healthy life."

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