CFIDS Lobby Days in Washington, DC

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    Here is a copy of the original notice sent out by the CFIDS Association of America. I have edited out the URL's.

    Since I live in the area I may try to attend this year. I'm attending a local support meeting for those with dysautonomia tomorrow and may glean more info then.


    Original notice from the CFIDS Association of America - the sponsor of Lobby Day

    Personal contact from voters who care about CFIDS is the secret weapon
    in the CFIDS advocacy arsenal. To facilitate contact with elected
    officials, The CFIDS Association of America will sponsor its annual
    Washington, D.C. Lobby Day event March 19-20, 2003.

    On Lobby Day, CFIDS advocates from around the country, including persons with CFIDS (PWCs) and their family members and friends, come together on Capitol Hill to personally educate Congress about CFIDS and ask for help
    in securing an improved federal response to the illness.

    Lobby Day participants are trained on effective meeting strategies and provided with materials to share with elected officials so they will feel confident and prepared before their first meeting.

    Information and registration materials for the 2003 Lobby Day have been posted on The CFIDS Association's website. To download the Lobby Day packet (in Adobe Acrobat format), go to the web page (CFIDS and it's a dot org).

    If you would prefer to receive information by postal mail, call 704-365-2343 or send an e-mail to Please make certain to include your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and
    telephone number, and make a specific request to receive "Lobby Day Information" by mail.

    Vicki C. Walker
    Research & Public Policy Project Manager
    The CFIDS Association of America
    Phone: 704-365-2343 * Fax: 704-365-9755
    Mail: PO Box 220398, Charlotte NC 28222-0398