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    Hello to the individual who posted for help on finding a doctor for her son in the latest "CFS" Newsletter.

    I have M.E./CFIDS, FM and all of the rest, but I did contract parvovirus from a CAT! I know - seems impossible especially according to all of the vets that I spoke to. Of course, they'll care more about and defend their animals over humans. lol I sound like a Stephen King novel! haha

    Anyway, I decided to research the possibility of a human contracting parvo from an animal with my family, and indeed, an individual with some sort of compromised immune system CAN get parvoviris B-19 from a cat or dog. A healthy person who gets parvovirus B-19 heals within 7-10 days as if they had a really bad cold or flu.

    There really is no treatment except rest, drinking fluids and lots of chicken broth and soup. I know that sounds insane, but it really helped. I've never "fully" recovered from parvo, but the magnification of my symptoms have abated dramatically. It should be treated like any other virus such as the flu...a really bad case of the flu. Chicken soup (the broth especially) nhas so many vitamins and protein and is easy to digest which is why it's often recommended as "treatment."

    If your son's symptoms keep worsening, than the doctor has to treat those symptoms so he can be at least a little more comfortable if not greatly improved.

    I am fortunate enough to live in NYC/CT, so I've got some fantastic doctors at my disposal. In fact, when I went to see my M.E. and FM specialist to show him my itchy rash (first symptom - I was than re-infected by the same cat - that's when I got worse), he immediately asked me if I had been around a cat. I told him I had (even though I'm highly allergic). He took my blood and bingo!

    Eventually, the Parvovirus will go away on its own.

    I certainly hope your son feels improvement soon. I know how frightening and frustrating the added pain and bizarre symptom can be...

    Perhaps an infectious diseases doctor or immunologist would be a good bet to monitor your son for parvovirus.

    I'm sorry I can't recommend a doctor as I don't know where you live.

    Healing hugs to you and your son,
    LB32 (Leeza)
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    Bumping - sorry your post was lost back on 11/15

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