CFIDS No Fever or Sore Throat

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  1. greatgran

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    I doubt my Dx so often because I never run a fever my temp. is always sub normal. My throat is seldom sore unless I have sinus drainage. I do have a lot of sinus issues or something. I have fatigue, nausea, any activity makes me worse, heart palps, body aches, especially my legs etc.

    So, was wondering if any of you with CFIDS have these symptoms.

  2. stschn

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    I see Dr. Montoya and I have the viral induced CFS. I never run a fever I'm always cold and I never have had a sore throat. Joyce
  3. gapsych

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    That is if I have it. My doctor thinks most of my problems are neurological which can be a subset of CFS/ME.

    My FM/CFS/ME did not start until I broke my arm.

    I think most of my fatigue is from the FM but they overlap so much, who knows?

    I rarely get colds, viruses and if I start getting them, shake them off quickly.

    Take care.

  4. harrysmom

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    I have had CFS for over 12 years. I never had a sore throat or fever. But I have all the body aches, fatigue, weird head symptoms, sleep problems, anxiety, etc.

  5. greatgran

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    When I read your reply I thought I had written it.. Glad to hear from you. Oh, I hate the weird head feelings and anxiety..

    God Bless,
  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thank you for your reply helps ease my mind. I have had my thyroid checked also had the antibodies all normal . I have a hard time explaining to the doctors if my temp reads 98+ then I do have something else going on but they don't get it.

    Where do these chills come from? Oh well, where does all this misery come from.

    If this disease had not have found me I would never have believed one could feel so miserable .

    God BLess,
  7. harrysmom

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    If I hadn't had this disease for 12 years I would never have believed you could feel this bad and still be counted among the living!

    I read a lot of your posts, greatgran, and I think we have almost identical symptoms and I will say again Xanax and Darvocet are the only things that save me along with eating right, living on a strict routine, lots of rest, eliminating any stress, and some vitamin supplements. I am 61 and can only imagine what the coming years will be like, although I will say I am not near as bad as I was for the first 7 or 8 years, but I can backslide real fast if I push myself past a certain point of doing things.

    I was able to go on a trip for two weeks this Fall from Georgia where I live to New England which is where I'm from, but only because my roommate does all the driving and bringing the luggage into the hotels and occasionally having to just stay in bed an extra day at the hotel. And it makes me so frustrated and sad that I can't really tour the old houses and historical things unless my wheelchair fits, but I do get to see some things and it's good to be some place different for a change as I'm mostly at home in the house doing the same things and taking care of my cats. It's scary to be out on a trip, though, I will say that.

    Anyway, you hang in there and don't push too hard over the holidays...

  8. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    for what its worth Gran, when i FIRST became ill i got your typical stuff, kept a sore throat, low grade fever, caught everything that was going around and lost a TON of weight, and severe nausea. now i hardly ever get the sore throats, nausea hardly ever,gained a TON, below normal temps. and all your symptoms except the nausea, i have. even after all these years i'm still amazed how i can feel kind of ok one minute, and the next i feel like i'm going to die!!! it's different all the time.
    my doc thinks cfids & fibro are the same disease, and anytime i ever get a new symptom she makes sure & does proper testing for other diseases, just to be on the safe side. But she continues to diagnose me with cfids/Fibro.
    i check the board everyday, hoping one day i'll see thers been a breakthrough and this nightmare will be over, before im too dang old to enjoy what life i have left.I KNow it's so heart breaking, But Honey your Not alone!!! Hang in there with me. One day we will see freedom from this DD, i just know it!!! {{Hugs}} Kat
    Merry Christmas too :):)
    ooh and i didnt mention the severe Pain!! it's jsut about everywhere in my body!don't know how i could forget that[This Message was Edited on 12/21/2008]
  9. dannybex

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    Your symptoms are in fact "classic" symptoms of CFS or "CFIDS". That's why the second name has added "Immune Dysfunction" before the "Syndrome" part, because our immune systems are imbalanced.

    I know that many websites and even studies and research lists 'low-grade fever' as one of the supposedly 'key' symptoms, but I have yet to meet a single person that runs a fever. Perhaps it's one of the early symptoms in some cases? Like you, the majority of CFS/CFIDS/ME patients have SUBNORMAL temps, which can be due to a wide variety of causes.

    And I believe the majority of those with true CFIDS don't have 'regular' sore throats either.

    Speaking for myself, before I got sick about 10 years ago, I'd have 1 or 2 really bad sinus infections (and then the BAD sore throat) each year -- along with the high fever, but since coming down with CFS, I have probably had 3 bad 'flu-like' or sinus infection episodes lasting maybe 3-4 days each, where I actually had a runny nose, and a HIGH fever.

    A decent fever is a sign of a HEALTHY, well-functioning immune system. It is one of our body's main ways of killing the bugs, by raising the body temp.

    Our problem is that we usually can't get our temps up, so that's why we have these low-grade sinus infections that go on for years, sometimes getting a little better, but usually never going away completely. On the other hand, a full-blown sinus infection w/a high-ish fever (100-103ish) are just the symptoms of your immune system fighting the bug as it should do.

    Some things may help some people raise their body temp. Surprising things, like green onions, curries or spices like ginger in foods, and some even claim that vitamin D (and boron) will help gradually bring a body temp up.

    BUT MAINLY, WHAT YOU DESCRIBE IS CLASSIC CFS. (except perhaps for the nausea...)

    Take care,

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  10. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    bumping for GreatGran and all...
  11. 2sic2mooov

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    Hi gg,
    First, Was reading your post the other day. You do have your plate ful;s no wonder you have the anxiety and get worn out. But, I know how you have to keep pushing to do what you can to help out the family. Guilt should be a four letter word. It's so nasty!!! You are doing so much for those grandkids and they will never forget what you have done for and BEEN TO them.

    as for symptoms. I have had this about 8 years. It actually started in the fall of 2000, but cooled down and then blasted big time after a virus the next spring. So, the first "post viral" symptoms did include the swolen glands and sore throat. But now I never get that or a fever unless i am really ill...I am an ice cube most of the time.I have mostly just crippling weakness and fatigue, ear ringing, body aches, dizziness, the heart palps and off and on anxiety that I cant even relate to anything (I still wonder if some is hormonal or due to thyroid or other glandular stuff like overloaded adrenals). Then there are other strange symptoms that come and go. But some of the actual "CDC" guidlines for this DD i dont have all the time or only had early on...then progressed to BLAST my life apart.

    Ps. Regarding your "housebound" post----I am also mostly limited to the house. Not driving hardly at all anymore and feel terribly guilty I cant even pickup my 9 year old from school most of the time. I don't feel safe drving because am so dizzy, but also have some phobia about it after having so many panic situations while driving. HAVING that freedom almost gone does something to your psych, I think. I am 48 and 3 kids at home yet. I feel like i let them down everyday and my husband, although pretty good about picking up duties, doesnt get what this does to me emotionally too. sometimes I think he just forgets I am around bc am in bed so much. they all go on with their daily lives...with or without me.

    Sorry i got off topic a bit. shoud have replied on your "housebound & bedridden" post.
    Take care, gg!

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