CFIDS: Radiation Exposure is Catalyst in Subset

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    I really can't figure out what this MEANS even though it's interesting... I've heard of the STAT-1 thing before, even had conversations with my professor friends about it... And we're all aware of the increased risk of leukemia (really, with this and the XMRV/HGRV links to leukemia, it makes me wonder if we're destined to develop it at some point)... And we all know that there is mitochondrial dysfunction with M.E. (being a major key in our level of fatigue and weakness)... But I guess I just can't figure out how it all ties together.

    Are they saying exposure to radiation could cause CFS, or that it makes us more suceptible, or that it quickens your development of the disease (as suggested by it being called a "catalyst")?

    Thoughts, anyone?

    Regardless, glad some scientific research is being done, especially on specific subsets instead of just looping everyone together!

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    The NCF's press release can be seen at:

    and additional documents can be found at:

    Looks like the NCF has definitively linked low level radiation with CFS and to their model for
    this disease. This first two papers tie these two together though the work was not done
    by the NCF. It looks like Stat1 and ciguatera are connected to low level radiation due to
    nuclear contamination. The other supportive information is very interesting as well. CSPAN
    videos, Congressional Record along with other articles on CFS are all tied to low level radiation exposure. This could make for a real pandemic implying our planet is now seriously poisoned and we are the result of all this. God help us all.


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