CFIDS through "forced" Reactive Depression

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    I misstated what I wrote about before, I have CFIDS now for about 6 and some part years going strong and not "depression" as I once stated. I know that what I was dealing with originally and early on was from getting mixed up with a few wrong individuals in the form of the term Reactive Depression. I'm not a depressed individual but its like getting bullied but by what you think are your best friends, makes you sick after awhile better yet years. Anyways after years and years of dealing day in and day out with these individuals it took its toll on my immune system and health and in the summer of '96 I picked up CFIDS through the emotional and physical trauma from the stress. Looking back it took just 4 years of intense traumatic stress to create this, its just a shame, and that is what I am still dealing with this today. I'm seeing a counselor and psychiatrist now to hopefully get me back on track once again, it seems like it has been forever but I think I'm taking a step forward for the first time in about a good decade. I hope that what they can do for me will tie into how I got CFIDS so I can find my way out it as well. This list has been so helpful for so many and I wish I could so much insight like many of you do. I appreciate the advice and wisdom that you guys have been able to supply me, I plan to get back to you with some of my own insight and wisdom once I start getting better.

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    I don't believe anyone gets this just from emotional & physical trauma. I was badly abused, I worked thru that & did feel some better. Effexor & COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY were most helpful. But I am still sick physically. The thing thats helping me most now is guaifenesin. I also use coral
    calcium too is great abit pricey tho...
    Keep searching for whats right for you.
    Best Luck, , Day
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    Many researhers are leaning toward genetic predisposition. When predisposed individuals' immune systems are overwhelmed with stress of any kind, our illnesses are triggered.

    Of course, getting rid of the stressors is a HUGE step in our healing and well worth taking.

    Love, Mikie