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    Could someone be so kind as to provide me with a little clarification on the above? CFS=Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, FM=Fibromyalgia, CFIDS?

    In relation to Guai - Dr. St Amand believes FM and CFS are one in the same. I recently started the Guai and am under the impression that Guai should help with both. However, I a am somewhat confused about CFIDS?

    As always, I thank everyone so much for any replies, information, etc.
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    CFIDS - Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome - I never believed I had FM or CFIDS, just CFS. I started guai a year ago & had 3 days of annoying symptoms (like being pinched continuously all over) & nothing since. But I am much stronger, no longer have chronic infections & post exertion malaise! Still disabled, but no longer considering a nursing home!
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    CFIDS is supposed to "replace" CFS as the name for the illness. Many people feel that just calling it CFS does nothing to acknowledge the other aspects of it. At least that's what I understand.