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    I was afflicted with CFIDS in the spring of 1996 & diagnosed two years ago by my PCP. However, my PCP wants me to see a "specialist" in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area to help treat this malady. Does anyone out there have knowledge of or recommend any physician in Grand Rapids or nearby who could treat me for CFIDS? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the board. I used this site's Doctor Referral button, at the top of the page, and found the following doc listed for Grand Rapids. Sounds great. I hope she's taking patients.


    Grand Rapids, MI
    Diane M. Denman, Ph.D.
    3330 Claystone SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
    Tel: 616-949-7460
    ("Dr. Denman is a neuropsychologist very familiar with both CFIDS and FM. Has a good understanding of cognitive problems associated with illnesses, also has a good understanding of what is mental health related and what is CFIDS and FM related. Is open-minded, very willing to learn more, and very supportive of CFIDS patients. Highly recommended. Also accepts Medicare, but unmet Medicare portion must be covered additionally with a Medigap or other policy.")
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    Barbara, thank you very much for your helpful reply to my request for help! You've saved me needless dr. appts. as my primary physician already has me scheduled to see a rheumotologist in April. Now I will look into getting an appt. with the doctor you found for me! Obviously, I'm new at this, so I deeply appreciate your kindness.

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    Just incase you cannot get into the aforemention Dr., or decide that he is not the right Doc, I thought I would mention the Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Clinic of Michigan, which is one of the nation's leading centers for treatment of CFIDs and Fibro. Edward Conley, is Asst. Clinical Prof.of Med., at Michigan State Univ. He is the founder and Medical Director for the Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Clinic of Michigan. He has written books, and is a pioneer in research, with Mich. State. You might be interested in his revised book, "America Exhausted, Breakthrough Treatments of Fatigue and Fibromyalgia".

    The Fatique and Fibromyalgia Clinic of Michigan
    phone 810-230-8677
    fax 810-230-7855
    G3494 Beecher Road
    Flint, MI 48532

    Best wishes,
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