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    (Slightly changed title.)

    Has anyone posted on this yet?

    Browsing through my latest issue of Bh&G I came across a full page ad including a woman looking a lot like I often feel. Yippee! It's the ad for CFS from the CDC.

    Have you seen it? Right there after page 92. They still don't know that not everyone with CFS has "screaming muscles" but it's a start. They did get the "shot memory" and "legs like lead part" right and I'm not complaining one bit; at least it's there, in public!

    I feel as if I was present at the launching of a space shuttle or something.


    Cindy, thanks for letting us know what response you see.

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  2. rockyjs

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    Wow - I had no idea the CDC was moving this direction. They have a whole section on their website now acknowledging CFS and the various symptoms and treatments:

    Thanks for sharing about the ad!

  3. barbinindiana

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    I had heard about it. Not here on the board though. It's also in The Ladies Home Journal this month. So glad about it. I think there's awhole lot of people out there sick with CFS, and have know idea what it is. Hope this will help get them diagnosed, and with hundreds or thousand learning what's the matter with them this illness will get even more attention. The good kind I hope.
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    yep thats me on a good day!!!!!!!

    I'll do my own personal poll as to how that add works. I work in a dr's office and I'll be watching to see how many people talk about the add! and let yall know

  5. carebelle

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    Just got mine in the mail thanks for telling me to look for the ad.Its a start .
  6. kjfms

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    this I get both BH&G and LHJ great informative page.


    Karen :)
  7. adirondackhoney

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    send letters thanking them,
    lets overwhelm them with mail but also let them know FMS should be included as they pretty much go hand in hand and also offer other,accompanying symptoms so they could posibly do a follow up story about how it REALLY is with several of us (meaning about most if not all of us)
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    I saw this ad in the July issue of Ladies Home Journal.

    I know it's an awareness campaign - finally - but it's also kind of weird. They're saying to get to your doctor to get diagnosed. Are there really people out there that have CFS that didn't think to go to a doctor until they see this ad? If so, they must have a VERY mild case.

  9. Marta608

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    Cindy - are you suggesting we send letters to the CDC? The magazines only printed these ads because the CDC paid them to do it, like any advertisement. Yet, finally! Some of our dollars are working for us!

    vickew, I must agree with you - I wonder if people are going to see this article and think of CFS as a disease with an actual cure, then wonder why we're not with the program!

    Yes, I know that some of us have done wonders with supplements, etc. but it's not as if the medical community has a cure as the ad is suggesting.

    Oh, well. I guess it sounds as if I'm picking nits and I'm really very happy for this beginning.

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  10. ABCDfamily

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    Hello Everyone,

    Yes, both the CDC and NIH have recognized CFS for a while now. In fact when I had a conversation with someone from NIH last week they shared with me that many other chronic alignments that are not recognized as well as CFS i.e. Dysautonomia are going to be classified under CFS. If your DR. is good they will understand the importance of classifying your alignment so you get some help. If you call into NIH and ask for CFS/Fibro support they will transfer you and send you to someone who can provide a list to you.


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