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    I have CFIDS and now have a 6 yr old son with Autism Spectrum Disorder.I feel strongly that these are related disorders with a genetic immune dysfunction component triggered by something enviromentally (vaccines,antibiotics & yeast,chronic viral infections,food intolerences)I have discovered alot in researching to help my son. We are following the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now)Protocol with our son with positive results.I am now combining this info with my CFIDS knowledge and will be incorporating some aspects of both into both of our treatments.I am wondering how many others are out there with children or other family members who have Autism,ADHD or related disorders????? I would be very interested to find out and share the info I have found. ------ Thanks, 24million
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    ....but I can tell you that my allergist MD, who is treating my allergies/food intolerences with positive results, has based his whole practice on on the relationship between CFS/FM/Autism/ADHD and everything you've mentioned---food issues, yeast, various toxicities, etc.

    Good luck to you & your son with this treatment, & glad you are seeing such good results!

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    Suzanne, Yes I do know about NAET although I have not read the book you mentioned.I am taking my son to local Dr. who practices NAET in Aug and I may eventually use this method also.Fortunately, there are local DRs for both adults and kids who practice this,and that is surprising given the BIG Medical research area I live in. I do know of positive results from it ,one with a friend who has MS,another with my brother-in-law & diabetes, another friend w/ FM and Ruemetoid Arthritis.The MS friend was told she had mercury poisoning and even told the exact tooth where it was,(it was not visible to the eye)Her dentist was amazed. My brother-in-law was diagnosed w/ diabetes w/ blood sugar level of 400 and went to a chiro that does NAET and was told that his pancreas was plugged up and also told of other illnesses from his past which he confirmed he had. HE was given supplements and now has no problem controling his sugar with diet. His "md" said he would have to be on meds the rest of his life and a colleague reviewedt the results he was having and kept saying "remarkable".The FM friend was told that the R.A. meds were killing her and that she had yeast overgrowth and parasites. She is now only on one med and is the best I've seen her in a year. My sister is going to take her son to that dr for allergies. So,I think it is reliable. My son has been tested for the Gluten (wheat,oat,rye,etc.) and Casein (dairy) peptides in his urine and has elevated amounts of both,which is common for autism.He is now on the GF/CF (glutenfree/caseinfree diet) and we see positive results.There is a co. that offers different tests for alot of disorders including CFS/FM,great plains laboratory.That is where I have had tests done for my son and may have tests done for me also. I think you would find the it interesting.Let me know and best to you with the NAET !!! Lisa
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    Thanks Pam and the same to you!!!! Lisa
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    What does NAET mean? Thanks.

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    I have CFS/ME and my 14 year old son has ADHD and CD he was diagnosed at age 7 i also have a friend with FM and her son has ADD and is Epeleptic but she has only just found out about the epeleptic seisures and he is 18 and he is in prison, i have only just started to read things that think these disorders are related or could be related it makes me feel like its my thought that my son has these disorders especially the conduct disorder he is so agressive all the time fighting and getting into trouble at school and he goes to a special school that are more patient with him but he's attitude is really hard to handle at the moment and it is making me worse trying to cope with all the trouble he causes and i just no he will end up in prison as we already have been to court and have to go again soon and he just thinks everythink is a joke and says the teachers are lying all the time, it is very stressful and very hard work trying to make him behave he is permantly grounded as every time he goes out he gets in trouble, i no i cannot keep him in forever and when he does go out he will get in trouble.
    good luck with your soon
    sorry so long Loopyloo xx
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    Hi Annette2, NAET stands for Nambudripad's allergy elimination technique.Drs,Chiros & nurses are included in the practitioners who use this method called kinesiology.Kineseology is in the same group as accupuncture & reflexology which is applied physiology.I go to a chiropracter who adjusts me and also gives me accupuncture.It has been a tremendous help.I can do a lot more than I could 6 mos ago. You can find out more on the web,I can't remember the site, but you can do a search using any of the above and find out more. Thanks---Lisa
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    Hi Loopyloo, Thanks for your reply! Behavior problems can come from food,chemical etc.. allergies or intolerences.Dramatic results can happen when this is a problem and the bad foods or whatever are eliminated.Let me know your thoughts on this and I can give you more info. Best to you and your family, don't give up !!! there are things that can help!!!!--------Lisa
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    I have only this week discovered that Autism is caused by the MMR vaccination

    When the baby born has a metal & lung imbalance - this happens if there is Asthma in the family...

    It`s a rare genetically inherant thing that the MMR triggers.

    There is treatment, but which I do not yet have access to - i`m just about to start out on a Holistic Nutritialist course.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world - this is not easy to live with. My friend has a 15 yr old son with Autism.


    PS. Have you seen the *Shirley`s Wellness Cafe* website? - Loads of info there.[This Message was Edited on 06/27/2003]
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    Hi i have tried changing foods and drink and nothing helped with Paul he is such a fussy eater anyway he only likes burgers and sasages and pizza and ribs he wont eat veg fruit salad or anything that is good for you he is very skinny as the tablets are appetite surpressants so its hard to get him to eat anything

    loopyloo xx
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    ......called Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy which has information about vaccines and Autism, also. If you do a Google search you can find them.