CFS and baby, and wanting to help my children avoid CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mq, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. mq

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    we are expecting babyin 8 weeks. I was told by one office,that CFS may really flare for 2-3 months after baby.
    I was just dx'ed this summer, so....I know my hydrocortisone and nystatin really, really help. I feel great now, and don't want to go back to not thinking and being so tired and achy!
    Any advice? I can't STAY pg!:)
    Also, I've heard it tends to "run in families". In fact, my mom was just dxed/ w/ fibro. Is there something I can be doing for my children now to help them avoid this?
  2. skychomper

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    hey mq,

    Im sorry I can't help you with what to do with a possible flare up after giving birth- but as far as helping your kids, I can suggest that the best support you can give them is in the food department. Eating better didn't cure my symptoms, but it did give me a better "body base" to work off of, and it helped ease some of my symptoms. I tried to clean up my act as far as eating more veggies and making sure the meat and dairy I ate was organic- no hormones or antibiotic crap. after having to drop out of school for a year, I was able to return and finish my degree. I think by decreasing the stress I was putting on my body in dealing with all this bad stuff, it helped me deal with my cfs problems. I wonder if I had been eating well all along if it would have lowered the chances of me getting this. I think by giving your kids the healthiest bodies possible out there you will be doing the best thing possible. sorry, I hope this wasn't too obvious, like duh, of course Im gonna feed them right! just something that helped me. congratulations on your new baby! lots of love,
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    should really help in keeping you well and will also confer good general immunity to the baby. There is absolutely no evidence that we can pass on C.F.S from nursing.....My health improved a lot after giving birth and I know I'm not alone in this, so good luck with the birth and I hope you don't get any flare ups,
    Love Patchwork