CFS and Chronic Sinus Problem

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    I need some input from folks with CFS about a problem I'm having with chronic sinusitis. I have had CFS for 18 years. Recently I had a CAT scan to see why I kept getting so stuffed up at night and had colored drainage from sinuses. ENT doctor said I need sinus surgery. I am so incredibly sensitive to drugs and supplements that I react in varying degrees to everything I try. The last thing I can imagine doing is having anesthesia, drugs, etc. associated with any kind of surgery and there's no guarantee the surgery will prevent the same sinus condition from coming back since the CFS never goes away and is probably a big player in all this. Do any of you have experience with sinus problems with CFS and if so, would you mind sharing your experiences? Thanks.

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    What exactly did the ent say was wrong with your sinuses? Have you tried a netty pot to rinse out your sinus cavities. My son had terrible sinus issues and the ENT kept giving him so many meds. till finally someone suggested we try a netty pott and it worked for him. Also their is something called silver-sol you can spray it in your nose ( you can google it). It is anti bacterial, anti viral and cures any yeast issues also. Anything is worth a try before surgery. Did he say what the surgery achieve? Blessings~ Sally
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    Crazy as it sounds, changing your gut flora may be the answer. Google Richard Nickoly at Free the Resistant starch plus soil based probiatic changed his "sinus" life. I'm a big fan of the RS+SBO as well. Its cheap and it fixes a lot of problems, with few side effects.
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    Thank you all for your input. The ENT said that because I have chronic sinus infections I need surgery to clean out my sinuses. Antibiotics help a little, but then the symptoms come back again. And there is not guarantee the same problem won't come back again after surgery. I will try your suggestions because with all my drug sensitivities and CFS related problems the last thing I need is to go through an unnecessary surgery.
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    Sally - I went on a site and ordered the silver-sol. If I can tolerate it it sounds like it might help. Will also look int neti pot.