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    I have posted on the diabetes board but it moves slowly over there and answers are hard to come by.

    Are there very many on this board that have CFS/FM and also diabetes? I'm newly diagnosed, 9 months, with type 2 and have some questions.

    I am still struggling with what to eat and when to test. Also the numbers on charts vary so much. One diabetes group advocates different goals for blood sugar control than the other. I don't know which is best to follow.

    I was on the ADA message board and most of the people on there are trying to maintain much lower numbers than my doctor suggested to me. They call it tight control.

    Any input will be appreciated. Thanks. GB66
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    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Hello to you too! I hope you're doing well these days. It's too cold for most of us. Thanks for the bump up.

    No, my doctor doesn't think CFS/FM has anything to do with the diabetes and neither do I. It's just genetics I guess. I'm not overweight and I know that's one of the risk factors, as well as a sedentary lifestyle. How could I not be sedentary with these dd's?

    I do have high bp and cholesterol and I'm hoping the dietary changes I've made so far will help with that too. I am wishing for the good old days when all I had to deal with was CFS and FM. lol Now i've got the diabetes and pelvic prolapse added and they are bothering me more than the dd's. The diabetes can have dire complications if not controlled.

    I think I had just gotten used to CFS/FM 'cause I've had it for 33 years. It's like a bad habit. I hope I can handle the diabetes ok. I can't cook anymore as much as I used to and my husband is a good breakfast cook, but not a lot else! I'm used to making meals in the slow cooker at night for us and then the rest of the time we get take out. It's hard to find healthy take out. GB66
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    I wrote a long post to you and it disappeared! Don't know what happened to it. I'll try to remember what I wrote. When I got diagnosed in April my fasting level was 135. The doctor didn't put me on meds. but said to control it with diet. She said 200 carbs a day, 50 at each meal 2 snacks of 25 carbs each.

    She said to keep fasting under 100, and 2 hour after meals at under 180. I did this for 4 months and had good numbers, but was only testing a few times a week. I went back in August and had the A1C, it was 6. She said it was good control and I thought I was doing ok.

    Then I started reading on the ADA board and got really confused with the different times to test and it seemed nobody ate that many carbs. I'd been eating about 150-180 a day. I kept the 2 hour pp under 140 or 150 most of the time, and fasting is usually under 100.

    I find I can eat the same meal twice in one day and get readings 30 or 40 points different, or the same meal that I had on another day and get the same differences. How can this be? The only things I noticed a problem with are orange juice and sometimes rice.

    I want to stay <100 fasting and <140 but I get extremely hungry when I restrict carbs too much. I was hypoclygemic all my life till now.

    Can you tell me what numbers are you goals and what numbers you usually have? Are you on any medication or insulin? I'm just on diet, and of course, cannot exercise with the CFS/FM. I use a Bayer meter. What's yours. Thanks. GB66
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    Thank you again for the valuable information and for boosting my confidence! I feel much better after reading your post. I do have a problem with the extreme carb reduction that some of the folks on the ADA board adhere to.

    I don't understand why they say to test 1 hour after meals when most diabetes sites and my ADA literature, as well as my Blue Cross booklet on Diabetes management all say 2 hours. My BS is higher sometimes at one hour but always goes way down by 2 hours. This was what my doctor told me to do, test at 2 hours.

    I haven't been to a nutritionist yet but did have one conversation on the phone. She said no foods were off limits, just to control the portions and eat only limited amounts of carbs per meal. My doc said 50 breakfast, lunch, and dinner and 25 for two snacks a day. Total of 200 carbs a day. That's what I've been doing, for the most part. Sometimes lower (except holiday meals!).

    I thought I was doing well but really got scared reading some of the posts on that board. They are so strict about testing and low to no carbs. I have stuck my fingers so much in the past couple of months that they're sore and red. My husband thinks I'm overdoing the worry and keeps advising me to just do what I had been doing. I think he was right.

    Do you post on the Prohealth Diabetes Board. Maybe we could talk over there. GB66
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    You've been through a lot. I'm so glad you've got this under control now. Your doctor was very negligent, I think. You should have gotten a meter from them and been shown how to use it.

    When I first realized I had a problem was in 2009. I'd had a routine blood test and they told me my sugar was 135, in the early diabetes range, and to come back for another test in a month. I never went back. At this time I had started to have some major issues with pelvic prolapse and that was all I could deal with at the time

    It took me 2 years to get the prolapse under enough control to start to deal with the possibility of diabetes. I have a pessary to hold my uterus, and bladder in place. It sometimes causes bladder infections.

    When I went back to a pcp I had changed doctors. They said my fasting sugar was 132 and I had diabetes. The nurse came in and showed me how to use a meter, which they gave to me. My husband came in too so he could help me understand all of it. He helped me check my blood at home until I got where I could do the meter by myself.

    I was told to see a nutritionist but it would require trips to the hospital and sitting in chairs for long periods of time for the classes. Also individual sessions. I couldn't do this because of the CFS/FM. I'm in a wheelchair when I go to the doctor as it is.

    I got online and looked at the ADA books for sale and ordered some. I also received a good book from Blue Cross. I'd been hospitalized for 2 days in late March, just after I found out about the diabetes. My sodium level had dropped to a dangerous level as well as potassium and choloride levels. I too dropped weight suddenly. In about two weeks I lost 14 pounds without trying. My mouth was dry, I was always very thirsty and urinating a lot. Obviously, diabetes.

    I really was doing ok as far as I know until I started obsessing after reading the ADA message board. I'm wondering if all the emphasis on "spikes in BS" is valid. It seems to me that the most important thing is where your blood levels off at after a couple of hours. I hope this is correct! There seems to be a lot of controversy over these issues.

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    I can't believe you're still awake. Thought I was the only night owl on here. I'm getting ready to take a shower and lie down for a couple of hours. I've been really tired lately, can't get enough sleep even though I'm sleeping all day long!

    Winter does that to me. I want to hibernate. Yes, I guess your blood sugar only being at 120 was why he didn't give you a meter. My bad.

    I asked the ob/gyn about surgery but the specialist at the group where I go said I was doing ok with the pessary. I'm not a good candidate for surgery either. High bp, diabetes, many reactions to medications and anesthesia, can't lie in a hospital bed, and on and on. When I was there overnight they had to order a special bed for me because my fibro pain was so severe. It pumped air into the mattress continually.

    I do have neuropathy. I think it's from the fibro though not diabetes. I've had it for several years. I have lots of foot and leg pain and sometimes, pelvic pain related to the neuropathy, I think. I saw a podiatrist two months ago to remove a callus and then my little toenail came off and is just now growing back. Don't know if these are diabetes related or not.

    I was never sure if I needed to be hospitalized or not. My regular doc said I had to go to the ER for a drip to replace the sodium but when the hospital doc examined me, he said let's take a day or so and see if being off the diuretic helps. I had stopped the diuretic the day before because I read on the internet that it could cause low sodium. It went right back up the next day. My doc didn't even recommend doing this. Don't they know these things?

    It really makes one feel insecure when they have to go online and treat themselves. lol I should send me a bill! GB66

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    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Glad you got your computer problems straightened out. It can drive us crazy. I've been taking blood pressure med since 1989. My bp was getting really high. So far, it's doing ok.

    Your husband's toe problem sounds like it could get serious if not watched and treated. When I went to the podiatrist he took calluses off both feet, one was small the other larger and starting to hurt. If I get another I'm going back for sure. My daughter works for him. This was my first experience with this. He trimmed my toenails and cut the one on the little toe too close and it came off a few days later. For some reason, both my little toenails will fall off from time to time and then grow back. I seldom wear anything but slippers so it's not my shoes.

    The ER doc didn't send me home that day, he admitted me for 24 hour observation. They put me in a regular room because the observation room was full (thank goodness). I had a great room in the new wing with a sink and microwave and fridge. They didn't have the bed I used, they had to send out to a medical rental store that has 24 hour delivery. They came to my room at 2:00 am and installed it. I couldn't lie down till they got there. I'd been in ER on a table for 10 hours already and was in major pain. I sat in a wheelchair till 2:00 am. My hubby tried to sleep in one of those chair beds. Neither of us got much sleep. I didn't eat anything the whole time. Just juice and a couple of crackers.

    I had been on a diuretic for over 20 years and suddenly it started giving me trouble, it did happed at the same time I was diagnosed with type 2 D. though. Don't know if there's a connection.

    I have Raynaud's also. Especially in my fingers. Sometimes I have to run hot water on them to test my blood 'cause it won't flow when fingers are cold and white!

    We seem to have a lot of the same medical problems except for the FM. I'm am always hesitant (meaning deathly afraid) of trying any new med's. I worry about some day having to take something for the diabetes. Hope you had a good sleep. GB66
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    Not that that makes me an expert, mind you, because I have had spikes and crashes, when I thought I had everything under control.

    The pills no longer work for me and I have Lantus for regular use and Norval for rapid reduction. I learned with the Norval that you absolutely cannot exceed about 10 units. You will drop like a rock and feel just awful. I am doing pretty good on the Lantus, 30 units in the morning. My fasting is about 112 and after eating is about 160. My doc says these are good numbers for ME. I've been as low as 34 and as high as 500. In the same day. THAT was just plain hell.

    I am following the Weight Watchers program and that seems to give me enough variety, satisfy my cravings and let my sugars be in the normal range. My A1C has been below the ADA level for 5 years, and I'm not on a rigid "I can only eat celery and carrots" type diet.

    I do water therapy twice a week to keep me moving, and my PT lets ME set the pace. Some days I could swim the Bering Sea. Others I can manage to get in and out of the pool. I'd love to be able to predict what tomorrow is going to be like, but you know how that goes! But exercise DOES bring your sugars down.

    I have to be really careful with meds and supplements, as I am so chemically sensitive. I usually start with half the recommended dose and work my way up. I no longer just take my doctor's word for it. I wound up with drug induced hepatitis because I believed everything my doctors said. Now they can go jump off a cliff before I will just down pills willy-nilly.

    Hope this helps!

    Soft hugs,
  9. gb66

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    Thanks Stacey. It's good to have input from someone with years of experience with type2. I've had FM for 33 years and could write a book on it. About the pain, that is, not how to treat it.

    I did some water therapy years ago for the arthritis in my knees and it was really helping but the therapy was just too long. They wouldn't let the therapist work under 45 minutes. I could only last 30 min. at the most. The water was making me feel ill at times also because it wasn't warm enough. I was supposed to be a heated pool (the Y) but not warm enough for CFS/FM folks.

    I do miss it. It felt good to exercise in the water. Now I have the pelvic prolapse, so the pool wouldn't work anyway.

    It sounds like you BG is under control now. Those are good numbers according to the ADA guidelines. I think I'll look into the weight watches diet plan. I don't need to lose more than 8 lbs. or so but I know it's a healthy plan. I used to be on it many years ago. I lost some weight by just using the food pyramid (usda) for the last 10 years. I have maintained my weight for a long time now.

    I was surprised to read that so many people think being overweight causes diabetes. It doesn't. It just contributes to it if you have diabetes. I am 5'4'' and weighed about 145 when diagnosed. That's near the top of my weight chart, but not overweight.

    I cannot imagine what you went through when your blood sugar was so extreme on the same day. Those numbers are scary. I'm very chemically sensitive too. I worry about needing pills for diabetes one day. Have you had any bad side effects? I've been hurt more than once by doctors. Bad advice and wrong meds. GB66

  10. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to ask how all the diabetic posters who answered my previous posts are doing. I'm still about the same and getting ready to go next month for my second A1C. Hope your numbers are all good and your pain is under control... Hugs, GB66

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