cfs and fm and mcs

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    If these diseases overlap, does that mean one of them is th dominant one. I don't get exhausted till I'm exposed to fragrance or heat.
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    Sometimes one seems to be dominant, then the other. I think the FM is mostly dominant in me, though.

    Good question!

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    I have FMS & CFS.
    The Fibro is dominant most the time, but if I have a High Excitement or High Exertion day - the CFS becomes dominant and knocks me out === 2 days for every 1 spent in Fun or Stress.
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    From my understanding (from the doc who dx'd me and the Gulf War Vets), one of them doesn't have to be "dominant".

    He told me that people are usually dx'd with FM if they have pain as the major issue, and CFS if fatigue is the major issue. He thinks that they are basically the same animal, they just have the different extremes in some people.

    Had I been dx'd quickly, there is no doubt that CFS would be my primary diagnosis. However, it took about nine months to find a doctor who recognized the pain as FM. I later found that I met ALL of the CDC criteria for CFS within the first few months of the exposure that triggered my illnesses. By the time I was diagnosed, sleep issues and pain were so predominant that I was given the diagnosis of FM. The others were added several years later.

    Heat intolerance is "classic" FM and CFIDS (and it's sometime there with MCS), but the fragrance thing is "classic" MCS.

    Some doctors think that the illnesses are different, but can overlap, and others think that patients just get the diagnosis based on their worst symptoms. I'm not sure.

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