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    Seeing that both these are overlapping and similar in symptoms are the treatments the same????

    For FMS which I have I believe that its common for antidepressants and painkillers like Lyrica to be used for CFS am not sure except that at times when reading posts it seems like you have but I never know whether you CFS or FMS

    Your input would be appreciatted as going to different sites takes too much energy, sorry

    love and angel hugs
  2. rockgor

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    I have CFS. Not sure about treatment for FM. I think in both cases it's just the symptoms that are treated. E.g., I take Effexor for depression.

    Don't think I told you before. I grew up in a village named Harmony in Minnesota. I read that 17 states in the USA have a town called Harmony.

  3. rockgor

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    I took my son there about 20 years ago. Bought a t shirt that said Harmony. Some years later I read the town was for sale.

  4. harmony21

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    I hope those places are harmonious to live in....!

    I chose harmony cause my birthday 21st of march is Internation Harmony Day, very apt seeing iam always trying to make peace with everyone!!!!!

    Be nice to be able to see what these places look like....

    Now back to the question-

    I have been diagnosed with FMS and take
    and panadeine forte

    thanks for your input

    angel hugs connie
  5. victoria

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    the major difference in treatment would be for the pain with Fibro - seems like many start out with CFS and then progress to FM; others start out with both.

    Speaking of 'Harmony' - I lived in Commerce Georgia for a while, the place Olive Burns placed her best seller "Cold Sassy Tree' and where she grew up. I guess people had a lot of fun figuring out who she modeled her characters on... and yes there's really a railroad track running down the middle of the main street that is still in use.

    But anyway, back to 'Harmony' -- the point I was trying to get to -- Commerce was once called 'Harmony Grove', and I wish they had kept the name; but in the early 1900s they wanted to sound 'progressive' and changed it.

    all the best

  6. harmony21

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