CFS and headaches

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    Hello--I'm a new member.

    In the mid 1980s, I began to have a daily hemiplegic migraine (hemiplegic meaning it went down the left side of my body, from the top left of my skull straight down to my left toe. All of it felt like meat roasting on a spit). Still, I went to work this way for almost twenty years, using mind over matter and prescription drugs. And of course I went to many headache doctors. None knew what to make of the strangest aspect of my headaches--I had one every day, UNLESS I had the flu or fever. If I had the flu or fever, the headache immediately turned off, just like a light switch. And, as soon as the flu/fever left, the headache switched on again, just as fast.

    By the mid-90s I was developing other symptoms (nausea, vertigo, strange weight loss, exhaustion) and I was diagnosed with CFS in 2002. Since 2005 I've been bedbound most of the time. But there's one nice change ... because I usually run a fever, I usually don't have a migraine. Still, they return--and much, much worse than ever--if the fever runs a little lower or leaves for a day.

    Has any CFSer on this board had a headache disorder that is anything like this?

    Thank you for reading this long description!
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    Yes, you should know that many people with CFS and FM diagnoses and those symptoms found out the cause of their illness was a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme) along with common coinfections like Babesia and Bartonella.

    Your symptoms definitely sound like Lyme and Babesia.....

    Please read this carefully.... symptom list p 9-11, coinfection symptom info p 22 -27....

  3. nancycleek

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    the symptoms you list sound like lyme. Have you had cold hands or feet? frequent urination, chills, night sweats,sound or light sensitivity,blurry vision or eye floaters, heat or cold sensitivity, memory problems, tingling, numbness, pain that migrates? testing must be done by igenex labs by a lyme literate dr. current cdc guidelines are inaccurate. i learned the hard way and it took 10 yrs. before i was diagnosed

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