CFS and Inflammation????

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    Ok since I've been taking Anatabloc, I've become obsessed with the world of inflammation...everyone has inflammation, some higher than others, I've read the term "hidden" chronic inflammation..

    So I started to do a search for CFS and inflammation and found so much info.

    Found info on Gut Inflammation and CFS.

    I've read some of the data here over the yrs posted by many and keep hearing infections, virals, etc...but don't remember seeing inflammation discussed, maybe it was and I missed it, don't read everything on CFS...that's not my issue.

    But anyway, do some searches on this and here is just one
    site I read this morning:

    Anyway, give this some good thinking. jam

    PS: On decreasing Brain Inflammation: › CFS Recovery › Featured › THRIVE! EXPERTS[This Message was Edited on 03/20/2013]
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    those with CFS talking about Hashimotos Disease (auto immune)...have your docs ever tested for those antiobodies? Hashi is inflammation.

    Anatabloc doesn't have much on CFS, perhaps just not enough out there know about this supplement for one thing..

    But they just completed clinical trials on Hashimotos, I may have
    posted it in my long post. [This Message was Edited on 03/20/2013]
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    This is a VERY INTERESTING link which talks about a search of Inflammaging
    and a lot of scientific studies come up and from Italy as well. ... t-ails-ya/
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    CFS is an inflammatory illness. It creates chronic inflammation though it is usually unseen to the eye.

    Patients with chronic inflammation may want to try Curcumin (Tumeric) and eat a low inflammatory diet. Also CFS patients really need to be sure to eat or supplement their diet with a high dose antioxidant or two. Studies have shown more than usual oxidation in CFS patients.

    Co Q10, Alpha Lipoic or R Lipoic Acids are my top picks.
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    Well, Jam has been so persistent that I have ordered the free trial of 60 tabs of anatabloc, which is supposed to do wonders for inflammation.

    I don't, however, have traditional inflammation markers: my CRP number is very low, almost zero, I eat a low inflammatory diet, take lots of antioxidants.

    But Ian has referred to non- CRP inflammation as being a factor in CFS, Jam has posted about cytokines and inflammation. Anyways, I don't have much to lose by trying the anatabloc - $4.95 for shipping for an almost 2-week supply, and that's it. So am going to try it and will see.

    My biggest problems are "post-exertional malaise" (I hate that term! it does not begin to describe what crashing is) and a weak immune system. I don't have pain. But the PEM may be linked to some sort of inflammation, we'll see.

    I'll post how it goes -

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    I'm very much interested in how it affects others. haven't said a word about your daughter on it.
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    page of my long journal I mentioned my daughter's progress.

    We both are getting enough benefit to stay with it.
    Just taking less pain meds is huge in my mind...and the sleep
    is better for me, I forgot to ask her about her sleep. And waking
    up in NO PAIN. She has goofy sleep habits, stays up too late....[This Message was Edited on 03/22/2013]
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    I would like to follow it along
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    Anyone considering buying Anatabloc should read the facts about the company producing it and also note the total lack of any research in humans to support the claims being made for this very expensive product.

    Information is power. Accurate information is like gold and can save already cash strapped patients money and disappointment.

    Are Anatabloc's claims fact or fiction. Is this the latest fad? Read the supplement geek's review by copying and pasting the above URL into your browser's search window.

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    Thanks for the supplement-geek url. He is a great reviewer.
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    is unbiased on this whole topic for the most part, he's never used it for one thing....

    A good long walk thru the whole thread is quite informative..

    Mary Shomon's blogs are informative too and one for sure are
    comments on when people quit smoking their thyroid and pains get a lot enter the Anatabine in Anatabloc...

    All very interesting to say the least.

    From Mary Shomon, your Guide to Thyroid Disease

    Can Tobacco Have Positive Benefits for Thyroid Patients? A Look at Anatabloc

    If you can go to the above link, I think just typing it in your search engine, you can find it....

    As far as human reserach, it takes a long time for this, look at the pharma drugs and how much HUMAN damage is done constantly....

    Companies have to start somewhere and there were human trials in Flint and a woman has a site on her crohns and fibro in these trials...Cheryl Reilly you can find her link with crohns and fibro heading.

    The thyroid human trials were just completed...that's what Mary Shomon has been discussing.

    I'm a human trial, Michele, and so far have gotten rid of 2 advil in my pain routine, got rid of Tylenol totally,so far and sleeping even greater and keeping a tooth issue from dental for me that's saying a lot in just over 2 months. jam[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2013]
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    I looked at it quickly, it all looks good, unbiased, only one error - when you order the free trial, you are not automatically signed up for monthly shipping.

    For me, I've been unable to work since 2001, although my health started to go south in 1985, and I started crashing in 1998. It has been a very long, difficult struggle to make improvement. I have made some improvement in energy levels, also am detoxing better, but my progress is measured in months, if not years. (e.g., I started taking metafolin and potassium 2 years ago and that has helped; I started taking pricey acetyl-glutathione last fall I think, took it for some 5 months or so, and I think it's what helped with detoxing - but I was a guinea pig there too, and it cost me $50 a month)

    So I'm trying the free trial. I know I'm a guinea pig, but life is passing me by and I'm willing to give this a try. Regular medicine has nothing to offer me, and I don't want to live the rest of my life this way.

    It is possible that since I'm detoxing better, my health will keep improving, but I don't know. I may find out in another 6 months or so, or maybe not. And there's another 6 months or a year down the drain.

    The only way I have made any progress with this DD is by going outside the traditional box of medicine (using muscle testing, experimenting with supplements and vitamins and so on). So I'm going to give anatabloc a try just for a couple of weeks, and it will or won't help, but I won't know if I don't try.

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    CFS and anatabloc

    I find some entries from Phoenix Rising...I'm not a member over there but one member is taking a search if you care to.
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    I did look at some entries on Phoenix Rising re anatabloc and basically the jury is out. People are curious but no one is really posting about what it did or did not do for them. We are the guinea pigs! (thanks to you :)

  15. jaminhealth

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    deeper and more vivid dreams and one person made this
    speculation and I'll pick some of his words...

    Vivid dreams probably go with improved sleep and a long pent-up need for them.

    Noticably improved brain function at your age, I would wildly speculate (I am not a medical professional) could mean you were a candidate for early onset brain problems due to aging. Consider that possibility, and the protection you may be getting. Sleep is so critical and healing and so many are sleep deprived....some really provoking thoughts....