CFS and Kundalini Awakening

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NWmama, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. NWmama

    NWmama New Member

    I'm so grateful for this message board, and have already gotten a lot of feedback regarding CFS and a possible link to Fifths Disease/Parvo Virus...

    But, like everyone here, I have other life complexities that might be contributing to these symptoms, and wonder how many of you have seen a link between onset of CFS/FMS and an experience of spiritual awakening?

    I have had so may strange things happen to my body since kundalini awakening: electrical shocks over the years on just about every square inch of my body (like getting hit w/a cattle prod, often radiating to my crown chakra or to other areas of my body), vibrating as if I am honestly a human vibrator (this happens most offen when I'm asleep, and YES I'm very aware of it because it wakes me up throughout the night), and brain fog to such a degree that there have been times when I honestly hoped I was really sitting on the toilet and not dreaming that I was - and about to wet the bed! There are a lot of other experiences that are separate kundalini experiences... and I've shared them on other K listserves. But I AM curious how many folks out there on this site have had deep spiritual awakening experiences followed by unusual physical manifestions otherwise attributable to CFS/FMS?

    I look forward to feedback!
  2. laspis1

    laspis1 New Member

    I did answer your posting about parvo, and although I did not have the awakening experience, I can tell you I do have the vibrating experience, It feels like i am "wired". i have written about it more in the dysautonomia posting because i think it is related to that.

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  3. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Yes, I feel i have had an spiritual experience of being made more aware. I had the tingling spine for the last several years and I do wander if it is part of the reason for the Fm/CFS.

    Could you explain kundalini though? I`ve never heard of that word before.
  4. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I don't know if I'd call my experience a spiritual awakening, more of a spiritual journey. Forced to give up a lot of the "outer" life, given time to explore the "inner" life. Transforming myself in ways I had not expected.

    Focusing more time and energy on spiritual pursuits and interests in energy healing. New physical/spiritual experiences especially w/Reiki, qigong, and acupuncture.

    Wishing you the best,
  5. NWmama

    NWmama New Member

    All your responses just bring tears to my eyes. If you look at the monikers we all gave ourselves, none are focused on pain and other sypmtoms. We all chose names that express other identities. I believe that this is why some folks, like all of you, have moved further 'inward' from the experience of illness. I'm not saying we're special in any one kind of way... I swear! (The only thing any single one of us misses in being human is the awareness that we truly are all one!) But with the inner focus comes other kinds of experience. I do feel that there is a cross over (like the 'chicken/egg' effect) between illness and spirituality. I work with adults with disabilities, and I find that folks with the biggest health struggles (whether physical or psychological) inevitably have the most to teach me as they exhibit the patience of Job in almost every aspect of their lives. You all know about this kind of patience. I'm learning about it more and more with each passing day.

    Well, it's late at night here, and I'm really sleepy... I hope we can continue this thread for awhile.
  6. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    One of my CFIDS/Fibro books mentions hypersensitivity to others' emotions/electomagnetic fields/etc. as a part of this illness. Makes one wonder...

    Yes, I am a deeply spiritual person -- I keep asking G-d for answers as to what I am to learn from all this! No Kundalini yet, though...

    Edited to add: I get the electric shock thing and the "human vibrator" thing a lot -- off and on for years. CNS stuff, I reckon...[This Message was Edited on 02/01/2006]
  7. june-bug

    june-bug New Member

    Kundalini awakening.check on yoga sites Type dangerous kundalini in google and see what comes up. Ive heard it can cause psychosis and stuff if your not "ready" or dont have proper guidence. I cant imagine that to be true and i hope its not. I have your same symptoms tingling, electric shocks around my spine and up to my crown chakra and even my third eye othe places on my body too. Its called neuropathy and it SUCKS.I wonder if there is a connection to anyone who has a spriritual enlightenment of any kind. I also have a strongly positive test for Parvo virus/ fifth disease. Maybe it has something to do with that instead. One things for sure, its my worse symptom and Id like to banish it from my kingdom forever.
  8. ritatheresa

    ritatheresa New Member

    Before I was diagnosed in October/November I was sure I was having a nervous breakdown.

    I have always been a very spiritual person and very intuitive.

    I had been searching for some answers and did read alot on Kundalini. I do have electrical impulses, felt mostly when in bed and when I'm up in my stomach.

    I did get scared because when on that search it did say of the importance of being in the hands of a good practicioner. When one doesn't know what a "good" one is it is hard to discern.

    I backed away from it because I felt with everything going on I could easily go down the wrong path.

    I have heard that Reiki can be very helpful for people with CFIDS/Fibro.

    I really don't know enough about all of it to say much more.

    From what I've gone through in the last couple of months has probably been one of my greatest life's lessons. I had been trapped from fear my entire life. Mostly financial fear. Since a child and as an adult.

    I found myself single with a child and basically noone to lean on (yes I do have a supportive family) but not when it comes to finances. For me that was really really scary.

    When I became really sick I had to make a decision, pay my bills or save my life. I chose my life.

    I put my fears in God's hands knowing he was the only one who could take that away. I have been through so much and he has always carried me through.

    I have found such strength that I never knew I had. Yes, I'm still not sure how I'm going to make it, but I know I will.

    With so much physical suffering going on with me, the financial burdens just seem to send me over the edge.

    I have a roof over my head and a refrigerator full of food. Many people do not. For whatever reason this has happenned to me I do still see so much beauty around me.

    So yes, this has been such a deep spiritual awakening for me, I may not always know the reasons why certain things happen but I do not pity myself whatsoever (or try very hard not to).

    With this I have learned a true freedom of which I never thought I could experience.

    God bless, Ritatheresa (sorry the post was so long)
  9. NWmama

    NWmama New Member

    This will be a bit long, but want to respond to many of your mssgs. Sandyz, you asked what kundalini is... it is an energy we all come in to the world with that sits at the bottom of our spine. As it awakens, it either very quickly rushes to the top of our heads (crown chakra) with the intensity of a locomotive made of lightening, or very slowly, over many years, which has fortunately been my experience. There is a lot of info on the Internet about it, so I won't go into too much detail here.

    It can be activated any number of ways. Some that I've heard about have happened via spiritual discipline (meditation, diet, contemplation, etc), when giving birth (or other trauma to the body), during a psychedelic drug experience, w/massage, w/reiki, or through the gaze or touch of another awakened person (teacher, master, guru, or someone chosing not to give himself or herself titles, but has the energy fully flowing). If awakened 'prematurely' or if the person has a lot of what are called 'spiritual blocks' or if the person has an intense inner resistence to the experience because of not understanding it and being fearful of it, then the experience can be extremely challenging - and yes even lead to psychosis. So actively seeking this experience is discouraged. I worry about western Kundalini yoga teachers/practitioners who don't have a clue about the power they're messing with!

    But if you DO feel that you have the beginnings of an awakened kundalini, reading all you can about the subject, and looking online for a support group to join can be very helpful in mitigating fear and promoting a relatively smooth experience. (sorry, memory, but one of you wrote that around the time you started having symptoms of CFS/FMS, you read all you could about Kundalini... I've found that when the K awakens, the urge to learn all about it is all but unstoppable, and is very common!)

    There is an organization begun by Christina and Stanislov Grof called Spiritual Emergence Network that is an excellent resource. Another good website is called Transformation - the writings of El Collie. Before she died recently, she had developed the theory that CFS/FMS could actually be misfired Kundalini energy. I'm on the fence about this, but at this point am not sure she's wrong - especially after hearing back from all of you!

    I've been on a dedicated 'metaphysical' spiritual path since I was a little girl, and have learned that there are as many theories out there about the nature and function of Kundalini as there are people who've experienced it, including philosophies about it found in ancient eastern texts.

    I didn't seek Kundalini awakening, but feel it was a result of many years of focused spiritual discipline, and I've been very fortunate that it has been a very slow, smooth process for me. I have a friend who has had very intense and challenging experiences with it.

    I'm sorry the vibrations and shocks have been such a source of unhappiness for you June-bug. I'm guessing they are more debilitating for you than for me. My shocks come very infrequently - totally unexpectedly - and thank goodness, only last a second or two. They ARE zingers though! :)

    I've also had symptoms that I really don't feel are K-related, the deep muscle aches and major fatigue for instance. I've also had a very qualitatively different kind of vibration that I don't believe is K-related - it verges on being the shakes, but not quite. More like nervous energy from too much caffeine... Anyway, it's hard to adequately compare something so subjective.

    I found your experience, pjmonster, after having the neurotoxins cleansed from your body interesting. Again, not sure we're talking about the exact same symptoms. I have a LOT of body sensations, but feel certain I can distinguish K-related ones from those that are pathology-related.

    wamps, can you tell me what "DD" means? :) Also, can someone tell me what it means when someone says "bump"? Thanks!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us ritatheresa. I think financial fear is the worst kind of fear, and have deep empathy for your journey with it. It is probably the thing that challenges our faith the most, and the fact that you've been able to go through it by surrendering it to the Divine is awe-inspiring! I try to live my life this way, too, but have been fortunate to seldom have to worry about economic security at the level you have, and admire your strength.

    I'm sorry, I forgot to write the name of the author of the 11:11 thread, but am in full agreement! And I DO see 11:11, 1:11, 10:11, etc. all the time! Our world truly is full of magic, wonder, an Education just awaiting our participation, just waiting for us to wake up and see that everything around us, within us and between us is not random, but part of a magnificent Whole!

    Blessings to all, 'NWmama'

  10. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I read your post, and I was just about to go to another, when I remebered something I was taught by Swami Paramanhansa Saraswati.

    She was talking about prajna (or deep breathing throught alternate nostrils), and she said that one should not begin that practice unless one is going to be consistent, because it opens the chakras, and once open, they need to be kept open.

    She said that, when one starts such a practice, and then stops, the chakras close up. And that is when people get sick.

    It could be that pain is associated with closed or closing chakras. This is just an idea. I never thought about it before. It would be interesting to see if opening the chakras, and then keeping them open, would relieve pain. Other than by doing that kind of breathing, I wouldn't now how to do it.

    Interesting . . .
  11. code34me

    code34me New Member

    I was justa reading away on this one? Have not heard of alot of those words. I do know I am extra perseptive to people and things. I usually get feelings and they are always correct? It still amazes me. Feels very spiritual to me. I even got feeling from a friends wife who had passed away after a long stuggle with her liver. She was on a transplant list and did not get one in time. Her husband had to decide to let her go. At her service I could feel her in the wind around us? I do have a cherokee indian back ground (grandmother is cherokee) The next day I was rakeing leaves and the wind was blowing and I had thoughts from here (Dawn) I had an overwhelming feeling to tell her husband how good she feels right now and how thankful she was that he let her go because the pain was gone and she was free. It was hard to tell him but I did it. It was like she stayed with me until I did. Interesting huh? I do get vibrations in my feet alot and this is the first time I had heard anyone mention that? It has been and intersting post for me! I needed it becuase I can not sleep due to restless legs (I thingk?) Anyways take care all! Codey
  12. NWmama

    NWmama New Member

    Thanks for the DD definition wamps! :) That brought a smile to my face... also your understanding of the power of positive thinking and keeping chakras spinning in healthy alignment. Oh so true! Please forgive me not remembering everyone's name, but the person who wrote about the eastern spiritual teacher that said unless we are going to continue with the pranayama (alternating nostril breathing) on an ongoing basis, we shouldn't even begin... yes, this makes perfect sense! It's akin to Kundalini yoga teachers doing exercises that open people up without thinking of potential consequences...

    Codey, your story is so beautiful... I do feel that souls after physcial death come to those who can 'see', and your suspicion that your friend wasn't going to leave you alone until you shared with her husband that she contacted you and was doing well is true! You did the right thing passing this information on to her husband, as awkward as it felt to do so!

    I started this thread about Kundalini energy, but want to emphasize that it was also a question about spiritual awakening experiences. Whether K is 'active' or not, all human beings have spiritual experiences that they are either tuned into, misidentify, or totally ignore. But I for one am always renewed hearing from others such as everyone here that these experiences are more common than not! As -I believe it was wamps - said, it's important to consider CFS/FMS, or whatever 'physical, emotional, or psychological' challenge we live with from a holistic point of view. If we ignore the spiritual, we ignore a major and integral factor of our being!

    Love and light to all... NWmama
  13. NWmama

    NWmama New Member

    p.s. Codey, ask your doctor to prescribe quinine pills for your restless legs. My husband has been using them for years and they have worked miracles every time! He learned about them from a doctor who was in his mid-70s, and I suspect this may be 'lost knowledge' like so many good, less toxic remedies for common ailments! Good luck!
  14. tandy

    tandy New Member

    My illness did however make me wonder about life,..and dig deeper into my own self.
    I care more now what people think,..and just care more deeply for all people.
    Maybe because NOW I know what pain is, I feel way more compassionate for others when they are'nt well.
    I believe the ole saying "we are all connected'
    Is so true!! from insects to animals to human beings~
    We all have a purpose here~
    John Lennon was so perfectly right in saying "All we need is Love'

    I look at having this illness as a lesson in learning.
    Hopefully I'll pass with flying colors cause I'd Hate to repeat this one!! lol

    you all are great! I'm so glad to have this board to share thoughts with you :)


  15. zerped

    zerped New Member

    I have had many people over the last four years see my current condition compared with the way I used to be and ask me "how have you gotten to this point?" And my only asnwer is, "By not having any choice." You learn to see simple things as a gift, because if you don't you'll never survive mentally/emotionally/spiritually.

    One thing almost all of us have in common is that we always tried to do "more" (o.e.--too much) before the onset of our disease. Not once have I heard of someone getting this disease stuff by sitting on the sofa watching tv for years. If anyone has needed to slow down and really look at life, it's us. And that's what we get to do now; slow down and see what life has for us today.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Part of my last response to the "Why Me?" post here.

    I'll give y'all my take on things. I was raised in traditional religion and still believe, but I have read a lot and have expanded on that. I believe we are here to learn and grow spiritually. Growth never comes without pain. As we meet the challenges in this life, we grow from the experience.

    I also believe that we ask for these challenges before we come here, when we are in a higher spiritual state. In human form, we can't see the big picture but in our higher spiritual state, we can. Our lives here are but a minute in time. What seems real and concrete is not; it is a stage for us to play out our lives. What is real is where we dwell in another dimension spiritually. We are not humans in search of a spiritual experience; we are spirits in search of a human experience.

    God gives us the opportunity to become more enlightened and to grow in spirit by giving us these lives. There are others who believe as I do but it can be threatening for those who are not ready to consider it. It is the only belief which makes sense to me. We are told that we have a loving God. When people have tragedy in their lives, they wonder how a loving God could do this to them.

    If I believe that I asked to come here and experience my life, with all its joy and all its grief, I realize that everything is exactly as it should be. In fact, in Depak Chopra's book, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success," one of the affirmations is, "Everything is as it should be." I've used this many times and it is a great comfort. It doesn't mean I shouldn't try to make changes; it just means that for the moment, all is as it should be. Another favorite is from Psalms: "Be still and know that I am God."

    My heroes are not rock stars, movie stars, nor athletes. My heroes and heroines are the people here who, despite crushing fatigue and pain, continue to live their lives and reach out to others. When I see people who are extremely disabled, I say a little prayer for them because I believe they are very spiritually advanced and I want to wish them well on their difficult spiritual journey.

    I wish us all well on this journey. I always take the time to thank God for my many blessings and abundance. This board, and our members, is one of those blessings. One of my favorite affirmations is: "I am eternally thankful for abundance which is mine."

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I don't remember whether you replied to Vilke's post on the movie, "What The Bleep Do We Know," but it really expanded on my beliefs. I watched it twice. I've noticed that since watching it, I've become more aware of my environment. The colors are brighter, the air smells sweeter, and I have more inner peace.

    I've been working on myself for years, but every once in a while, something will cause a major shift in my enlightenment. I think when we are ready for things, they just come our way. So many spiritual metaphysical teachers refer to quantum physics in their writings. I've been learning about quantum mechanics even though I have no science background. I would have never believed that so many are doing the same thing in an effort to try to understand spirituality. It's mind blowing.

    This is a very interesting thread.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Mikie, so well said. Your belief system is very close to mine. I too believe we choose this challenging life. Spiritually advanced people pick harder and harder lessons to challenge themselves. I think you have to be a spiritually advanced person to even want to come to this planet. Life can be beautiful here but also very difficult.

    What I strive to be is a spiritual person more then a religious person. Not that there is anything wrong with being religious, but I want to dig deeper. I still go to church but I also read lots of books on spirituality. I feel I can get something out of all of it and grow.

    I love that saying "Everything is as it should be". Its very comforting.
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It is so refreshing to know so many are seeking peace and enlightenment. I think that is the path we are all on in one way or another.

    Peace and blessings.

    Love, Mikie
  20. NWmama

    NWmama New Member

    I am in total agreement with your beliefs/experiences/ understandings... and see that you received responses from lots of other kindred souls.

    Just a note for all of you who are fans of "What the Bleep". They are soon coming out with another movie, something like "Down the Rabbit Hole" - which will surely prove to be just as enlightening as Bleep.

    This is a time of great awakening, and I truly believe all the experiences and beliefs shared here lend proof to this exciting idea!

    Be Still, and Know that I Am God...

    Thank you for sharing a favorite psalm Mikie, and to all for your loving messages... NWmama

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