CFS and M.E. what is the difference? Myalgicencephelomyelitis

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    I've got brain lesions, is that M.E. Or is M.E. the exact same thing as CFS? People are getting tired of me diagnosing myself. One so called friend just told me I shouldn't be diagnosing myself until I get a diagnosis... I've been throughthis illness for four years - Haven't been able to put my finger on it until now. I feel so judged. Is M.E. more serious? tx hazygal
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    some specialists used CFS, post vital fatigue and ME as similar but slightly different diagnoses according to how the patient presented. The label chosen these days tends to be what is in vogue or the one that a particular doc likes to use.

    Some docs used PVFS for me to avoid the somatisation/all in your mind theories. Others use ME just to clarify that it involves the brain and muscles. There's much confusion and debate over these diagnostic labels so it can make it difficult for patients. Essentially ME, PVFS, and CFS are the same DD.

    My brother carried out, and of course saw, the first SPECT scans done in the UK. Yes they did find areas of reduced bloodflow similar to some of those found in MS (but these clearly had different consequences), areas specific to CFS/ME and not the same as those found in depression. People with these DDs can be found to have "lesions" but they are thought less damaging than in brain injury etc, ie it is thought these improve as the patient gets better or is less severely affected.

    Labels when used properly can help us and the medical profession to understand what is going wrong. On the other hand CFS etc are often seen as a dustbin labels.

    You do need other problems checked out obviously; but if you really feel you have one of these DDs then you're probably right. Many have to wait years for an official diagnosis.

    There's lots of things you can do to help yourself, this message board is full of useful info and suggestions. Regardless of official diagnosis or not these help numerous people with a wide range of chronic illnesses.


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