CFS and mercury in dental fillings

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by elizzabeth, Aug 26, 2003.

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    I just read an article which states a link between mercury (and other metals) dental fillings and CFS with FM. I just had 3 fillings done a month ago and am scheduled for another one in a few weeks. How do I find out what is in my fillings? (Besides asking the dentist.. her English skills are not very good as well as her bedside manner and I dont have any other choices with my insurance).
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    The fillings will either be amalgam or composite. Amalgams are silver and composites are white.

    Amalgams contain mercure and are not considered a good idea for anyone and especially not for those with immune illnesses. It has never been proved that amalgams are dangerous, but they have not been proved safe either. Mercury is the most toxic substance on Earth, so why take chances?

    I had mine removed and replaced with composites and crowns. I did not notice any difference in the way I felt, but I feel better knowing that the mercury is gone. The dentist removing the mercury must be careful so as not to make matters worse. It's like removing asbestos from a building. It must be kept contained.

    Love, Mikie
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    I too am being pressured to remove the fillings by my Naturopath. All my other doctors don't seem to think it is a big deal. So I began looking through the internet. And I have not found very many people who felt that having them removed made a big ( or any difference). Any that did make the claim tended to be selling something.....a big caution flag for me.

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    Hi there, it may be a little late by the time i post this message but stay away from these fillings. I had chronic fatigue symptoms for years and they started getting worse with really bad anxiety, memory problems and slurred speech, it is only because i looked into the mercury issue that i'am now on the road to recovery. The world health organisation has stated that they cannot say for sure that these fillings are safe and that mercury doesn't leak out of them - also some people have a real sensitivity to it. Mercury toxic overload doesn't show up in standard blood and urine tests as the mercury has a real affinity for the bodys organs - kindney, liver, brain etc. You need something called a DMPS challenge test - to draw the mecury stores out to see if you have excess mercury. If a Dr offers you a standard blood or urine test for this it is a lack of understanding of the issue on their part and find someone who knows about the propper DMPS challenge. If you get your fillings out and do not go through propper chelation therapy (to get the mercury out of your system)you will not necessarily feel a whole lot better as the mercury is still stored in the body. You need chelation therapy (DMSA) to get it out. This has made a huge differnce to my life, i have more energy than i ever thought possible, my thinking is clear, memory fine and anxiety gone. I strongly recomend you at least investigte this.