CFS and never sick, can this be?

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    Two years ago I had a very bad viral infection in my throat. Could not speak, fever, swollen throat. The worst of it lasted over 2 weeks and after that gradually felt better after a month or so. After this started with numbness/pain in left arm. Dr. thought pinched nerve, had cervical MRI, showed a lesion on spinal cord. Had lots of tests to rule out MS etc. No one ever sure why the lesion and followup MRIs were not any worse so they didnt think MS. As time went by I experienced more weakness, fatigue, muscle spasms and pain all over.

    Eventually went to a rheumatologist who suggested I had some type of chronic fatigue. He stated early on he didnt think I had fibro. Have been treated for over 6 months now for CFS.

    From reading the boards here, it sounds like alot of you who have CFS also get sick alot. Since I had that virus over 2 years ago, I have not had so much as a cold! Anyone else like this or heard of this before?
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    of CFS is extreme fatigue after any kind of exertion (physcial, mental, or emotional). The fatigue may be immediate or can have a delayed reaction of 24 hours to 48 hours (the fatigue may not manifest until 24 or 48 hours after the exertion). The fatigue is profound and lasts longer than 24 hours, sometimes weeks. Some people experience flu-like symptoms along with the post-exertional fatigue.

    Lesions have been found with CFS, but also with other illnesses such as MS. MS develops very slowly over time making diagnosis difficult in the beginning.

    Over this helps you understand CFS.
  3. Kal-El

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    I've come across a lot of people who experience that. For the first couple of years, I had the exact same thing. Never caught a single cold, flu, or fever despite feeling quite ill most of the time. That changed for me this past year though in that I catch colds a lot now. Still haven't had a real flu or fever yet though.

    My theory is that our immune systems are so upregulated against viruses in the beginning of our illness, that it becomes nearly impossible to catch a cold or flu. Eventually, it seems that will change as the immune system begins to normalize a little bit. Just a theory, but it seems to make sense.
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    Below is a copy of a post from 3-10. I was saying the same thing-I feel horrible but NEVER GOET A COLD. I also was dxd with "possible ms" and MRI showed brain lesions, but was later reviewed as unchnaged over the years and spinal fluid did not show MS. Are you also much worse in the heat???

    I think we are all in agreement that CFS is a wastebasket diagnosis for many different illnesses, probably from different causes and hopefull as many cures or at least treatments. (This is evident not only from the difference in symptoms but also in the effects that exercise has on some of us. It seems like some people do better after exercise and some of us are dastically worse.
    I am always surprised when I hear of someone with CFS who says they get frequent colds or sinus infections. I really was wondering if I might have some type of auto immune illness because some of us are so overly reactive to things that are not at all threats to our body-thus all the sensitivities and allergies. But I have NOT GOTTEN A COLD IN 15 YEARS. I do get frequent sore throats and other symptoms when those around me get colds, but I never get the cold. It seems like the opposite of a weak immune system. anyone else experience this??

  5. mossrose101

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    I feel fatigue almost all the time. When its bad...meaning, I cant function at all and need to lay down, well I never know when that is going to strike. This kind of fatigue is mental and physical. Some days I can do the housework and cook dinner and as long as I take my time doing everything, I am doing ok. Other times the crippling fatigue will just hit me for no apparent reason. Sometimes it lasts for several hours or a couple days, other times I feel better after a few hours of just laying down.

    I have never had days upon days when I cannot get up. I sleep 10-12 hours a night and could stay in bed longer but I make myself get up.

    Does this sounds like CFS? And does it sound strange that I never get sick anymore? Of course I always feel like I am on the verge of something; feeling weak and tired but no cold, no flu, nothing else.
  6. pearls

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    For a number of years before I got FMS/CFS, I had sinus infections maybe five or six times annually. In fact, a sinus infection triggered my fibromyalgia in February of 2001. Since then, I don't remember one sinus infection. I have had pneumonia, though, and several bacterial infections. Also, ever since my disease started I've had much lower - and better - blood pressure. Another thing: I haven't had any of those awful headaches anymore that I had for years. I have no quarrel with the "good side" of FMS/CFS.

    It sounds like I'm not sick, but believe me, I suffer daily, just not with those things, than God!

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