CFS and Weight Gain/Loss

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    I can't find the original post on this (it was in the last day or two), but I had a thought today.

    I read a while back (this was in a general interest magazine like Newsweek or something, I think) that many doctors believe that almost all illnesses (even things like heart disease, cancer.....and obesity!) are caused by a combination of viruses, heredity and environmental factors.

    If that's the case, maybe the reason that some people with CFS gain weight even though they're eating very little is because they have a stubborn virus (one of the ones that has yet to be catalogued by the medical community).

    If that's the case, then anything to do with treating virals would seem to have the possibility of helping. Maybe the newer anti-viral medications (since they seem to cover a wide range of viruses, not just one or two). Whatever other treatments that you think might be helpful for viruses as well.

    In terms of losing weight (I did that too for a while)....hmm, maybe the body is not digesting food properly? Or it's become anorexic because it knows it doesn't have the energy to digest it. (Digestion takes a _lot_ of energy, btw. Most people who live to old age eat very little. This is a chicken-and-the-egg debate, but it still could have merit.)
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    Is that what you mean? That is _really_ heavy....

    That sounds like a potential viral infection to me. Surgery definitely puts a huge strain on the body, allowing a virus to sneak in.

    I didn't make up this "virus leads to obesity" theory, btw.....apparently it's gotten at least some evidence behind it based on things like mice studies. Of course, heredity, how much you've eaten, and what your weight has been in the past ("set point") are factors too, even if the virus theory has merit to it.