CFS... Anyone ever die from this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hazygal, May 24, 2003.

  1. hazygal

    hazygal New Member

    Wanted to know if anyone has died from CFs or rather, M.E.? Just curious
  2. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    Someone recently posted a list of many people who died of or complication of. I am not sure what you would ask for in box on the top. Some families have forced the doc to put this on death certificate so it would get noticed. Some families felt their loved ones should have it put on death cert. because once they came down with cfids/fm they were never well again, felt very strongly that the med field needs to give these type of illnesses more serious attention. My friend and I just had this discussion last night. Felt all the complications we have had that we would be upset if doc did not put on cert. But do not worry we are all going to die of something. What is the old saying 2 things you know you have no choice of is paying taxes and dying. Hope you have a sunny holiday!
  3. hazygal

    hazygal New Member

    I'm the walking dead. But know one really knows it... Don't since they know you've got "something wrong" w/you act sort of scared of you? Boy am i getting looks of disbelief and skepticism... I told my sister, it's like having aids or cancer but you don't die... She said, " oh thank God!" *&#@@%^(^^&%^*(%*%*(%_)$%#@#+_)(()_()_^*%%%wHAT A way to live.... Realizing you really aren't.
  4. Shazzy

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    I got to say i feel like i am dying each day. I sometimes wonder how much more i can put up with this suffering. I try not to think of death as its sends me into a panic, a depressed mode and i have to keep telling myself i will get better one day, somehow. Thats the only way i get through this.

  5. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    Wow, I never knew people actually died from this.

    Anyway, if people ask me I say, "The good news is, you don't die from this illness. The bad news is, you don't die from this illness."
  6. Meerkat60

    Meerkat60 New Member

    Elaine, loved your response. That is exactly how my son and I feel. He has CFS/FM and I have FM. Some days I feel very grateful it is not terminal. Other days I'm thinking death might be better than existing (can't really call it living) this way.

  7. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I have many times wondered how long I coud go on. A few times i have prayed for death. Then when I have a better day, when the fatigue not so intense, I can cope and am grateful it's not terminal....

    On a recent prgm on CFS, Dr what's his name....he promotes a product...oh maybe it will come to me later, he said that the patient Dr. kevorkian helped to die previous to the patient he was arrested for, was a person with CFS. How about that?....
  8. hazygal

    hazygal New Member

    that there is no answer.... Getting that into reality and coping skills. Death isn't for us to decide. Even though that is how we may feel alot of the times... For me, no matter how bad i feel, and i feel bad, what I need to overcome is my worry of people getting it. I need to get to a place decide that what they think of me doesn't matter... Hey I'm sick, I can't move, I feel like I am dying... "but you look like your not sick" Guess what? I am deal with it... We are going to teach others someday if not a cure, a lesson in patience, endurance and basic life. Life isn't going to be good all the time. How others judge you and or your illness is a test of who they are.