CFS Autoimmune?

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    Hello All!

    I have been away for a long time. I have been diagnosed with RA and have been treated successfully with Enbrel, Humira and Remicade (not at the same time, of course). Unfortunately, these biologics have only worked for me for a few months each. When they do work, however, the fatigue has gone away completely. I just read the following article and felt like you all would be interested in the article too.

    Wish you all good days.
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    I'm surprised there is not more attention paid to your post, as this is all the talk I've found in other forums and on social media.

    The drs in Norway who discovered by accident that Rituxamab helped their patients with CFS/ME were quite surprises, as is the whole medical community. It is exciting news, and they intend a further study of the phenomamen.

    This drug depletes B cells, which is a risky business, but for the ME/CFS patients to have responded so well, they have found a big clue to some of the patient's illnesses.

    The best thing to come out of this, to me, is the renewed interest in our disease; that can only bring more attention, awareness and research to the forefront on answers for us.

    Wishing us all better days ahead...


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