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    This is my first post to this site.
    I have had CFS since May, 1997. I read that no one is sure if CFS is caused by a virus or not. I feel almost with absoluteness that mine was. I became sick at my stomach one day at work, started vomiting on the way home that evening and ended up in the hospital at 10 pm and had 3 IVs of fluid due to dehydration. The doctor's called it acute gastro viral infection. After leaving the hospital early morning, my legs (calves) were very painful and I could barely walk. I could not get out of bed without my husband helping me because of the over-whelming fatigue. I was put back in the hospital by my gastro doctor who had treated me for IBS for several years and he called in "the troops" of all specialities to find out my problem. The rheumotologist called it "post viral syndrome". I asked him what it was and how long would it take for me to recover. He said "you know the common cold is a virus" and there is no cure and "you know that AIDs is a virus" and there is no cure so it may take months or years.
    To make a very long story short, I had a job of 20 yrs where my work record spoke volumes for me and 2 doctors that also knew me and my history. So, I was sent to an infectious disease doctor who told me, "virology and immunology" are in their infancy". She said she was taught very little in those subjects and could imagine that doctors old than her would have had almost no teachings in those 2 subjects!!! She didn't try different methods of treatment as some doctors who specialize in CFS, but after dx me, she said she would treat my symptoms as they occur, but would not do any experimental therapy. I retired with disability from my job (with 2 doctors attesting I could not perform due to this illness) and later with the help of the infectious disease doctor and the gastro doctor and fights with my "long-term" insurance, I got SS disability.
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    I'm glad you found us. That is so cool that you were diagnosed right away with post viral syndrome, which shows that your doctors took you seriously.

    I also had what they thought was mono, and never got better.

    That was 16 years ago. I spent three years calling it "chronic mono", because that's what doctors were calling it, until I saw a CFS specialist.

    There have been some threads on here about virus theories and new virus discoveries. You might like to search for them by using the keyword "virus". (I think that might work.)

    Have you ever read Osler's Web?

    I'm sorry you can't work any more. I can't, either.

    I also feel fortunate to have had doctors who didn't insist on trying scary drugs on me. I'm more of an all-natural person, because I get bad reactions from drugs most of the time.

    Good luck in your recovery!
    You might be interested in a thread I'm going to start about "Virastop".