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  1. ladybugmandy

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    in 2000, a ontario canada man who had worked for honda for 14 years was fired due to days missed because of chronic fatigue syndrome.

    he sued honda and was eventually awarded 1/2 million, money for legal costs, and 15 months' salary.

    honda appealed and the award of 1/2 million was cut to $100 000 and the man was awarded 24 months' salary.

    honda appealed to the supreme court and the man's award of $100 000 was cut!!!

  2. lurkernomore

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    I feel like bawling for that poor man. Fourteen years and this is the way he was treated? I'd love to see him try again, but I'm sure that a huge corporation like Honda has lawyers that can't be beaten. So very sad. And it could be any of us. Well, those who are still trying to work.
  3. Honora88

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    that people are more aware of this illness
  4. texangal81

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    I was fired from a job for absentism before I knew I was legitimately sick. I was written up twice, once for the days I called in sick, and once for failing to come up to speed technically in my job. I blame both on the FM.

    I current own a Toyota and will never buy anything built by Honda based on their actions.

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