CFS: Continuing the Experiment with AntiViral Enzymes (3)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Forebearance, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm not feeling so great today. Yesterday and today I've been more tired than I would expect to be. And I've been slightly dizzy.

    I don't know if my "head cold" has gotten into my inner ear, or if my new regimen of heart supporting supplements has changed my blood pressure or volume or something.

    It's times like these when I regret trying two experiments at once.

  2. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    I have CFS, my mom has FM. We both have Epstein-Barr virus. She had purchased some FM enzymes and was only taking 1/day. Based on Dr. William Wong N.D., I asked her to step up the dosage to +1 for every week. Well, at 6 tablets/day it was very dramatic: she normally uses the electric cart at Walmart, but today used the regular shopping cart and walked the whole store!

    Her depression has been getting better too.

    Dr. Wong's info is at:
  3. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I'm trying to remember....

    What heart supporting supplements are you on?

    How long has it been since you took your last Virustop?

    Also, are you _sure_ that your yeast is under control?

    If you can, describe the dizziness?

    I had a horrible incident of dizziness over the summer....if I can, I'll bump the post. It is called BPPV.

    I doubt this is what you have, but I might as well check.

    Love, Lisa
  4. cct

    cct Member


    Those bad days are such a bummer! I know those bad days all too well. You have my heartfelt understanding.

    I am the same as you. I cannot try more than one new thing at a time. If I try two new things and then I have a bad reaction, I do not know which of the new things is causing the problem.

    So, for now, my new thing is ViraStop!

    I just wanted to let you know that I increased my ViraStop again! I went from 1/2 capsule every 2-3 days(for several weeks), to 1 capsule every 2-3 days (for two weeks), and just yesterday I was able to jump up to 2 capsules. And I feel "okay" today!
  5. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    You're making great progress with the Virastop!

    Have you noticed that you're feeling different than before you started (good or bad)? Any specific symptoms (or improvements) that have popped up?

    Keep us posted. Or better yet, it would be great if you were to start your own thread (even if you only did updates occasionally) so that we could track your progress.

    Obviously there is a group of us who are really interested in killing viruses, and so every bit of info we can get is great.

    happy to hear you're doing well.
  6. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hey everyone!

    That is great news about your mom, allwxrider! How cool and encouraging! It's a big deal to be able to walk around a whole Walmart.

    Well, Lisa, I'm just taking the typical heart supplements that lots of us are trying these days: Co Q-10, D-ribose, magnesium and Acetyl L-Carnitine. I don't know for sure that my yeast is under control. I'm not a real expert on yeast. The dizziness feels sort of like my ears are plugged up. My ears are ringing slightly, too. Thank you for bumping your post.

    By now, I think the dizziness may be caused by the same virus I've been fighting for the last 2 weeks. I'm getting some popping in my ears. I think maybe the virus is looking for someplace in my head where it can hide! Argh!!!

    You're really right about the way viruses fight back.

    I took my last Virastop over 2 weeks ago, and maybe it's time to take another one, or half one.

    By the way, Lisa, how is your persistent v. yeast infection doing? Is it still throwing a tantrum?

    I'm really, really thrilled for you, cct (Carron). I'm dying to get into the situation you're in now, where I can tolerate the Virastop and gradually increase it. I hope you get some great results!

    I love your reports.

    You're right about trying new things one at a time. I am usually more disciplined about that. I was in such a hurry to help my heart that I broke my own rule!

    I think I'll go to bed early and sleep a lot. :)

    Love, Forebearance
  7. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    Definitely the v. yeast are still throwing a tantrum, and in a different way than before. They seem to have scooted away from that candidase and are now hanging around the inner labia, causing inflammation. This is new.

    The cream my doctor whipped up with something like eight ingredients makes it a lot better and so I _know_ it's yeast there, but having discovered that a new tube will cost me $120, I'm trying to be a bit sparing with it and hoping they'll just give up soon.

    I honestly believe that unlike the viruses (which are like a well-trained army prepared to fight back), these viruses are like children. They know this is a lost cause, but they're going to whine and scream until the very end.

    And like badly behaved children, they don't exactly _ruin_ your life, they just take the enjoyment out of it. Better than having soldiers storm through your house, but very annoying just the same.

    I really do think I'm almost finished. I hope so. I'm sure another stupid symptom (like that BPPV) will pop up to replace it, but this one is very tiresome indeed.

    Don't know what to say about the dizziness. Does it feel like the kind of dizziness you get with the flu?

    If it were the kind of dizziness I had, you'd know it. I think your explanation sounds more plausible.

    And if (as my doctor said) yeast can get into the inner ear, viruses certainly could hide in there too.....
  8. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hey, Lisa,

    I love your analogies! They are so funny and true.

    Gosh, I don't get dizziness with the flu!

    I am feeling better today. The dizziness is gone and I have more energy.

    I'm going to take a half Virastop capsule tonight because I want to be sure I really get rid of this stupid virus! It would be worth going through more misery and congestion if I could vanquish it.

    I have to laugh because you are chasing yeast around your vulva and I'm chasing a virus around my head! It's just ridiculous what we go through!

    I hope we are both victorious!
  9. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I'm glad to hear you're doing better with regard to the dizziness. Keep us informed about what happens with the virustop.
  10. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    This is fascinating, thank you - good luck & please keep us informed of your progress.
  11. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Today I am back to being sneezy and runny, as expected after taking half a Virastop last night.
    I'm tired, but not totally flattened. (I'm not good at rating myself on a 1-10 scale, because I've forgotten what 10 feels like.)

    Love, Forebearance

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  12. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I had forgotten what a 10 felt like too, until I took a Provigil tablet one day. For that one day, I remembered exactly what I was like before I got sick.

    The thing is, I was really really _good_ before I got sick. Like "working 100 hours a week is no problem" good. I suppose that a lot of people would say that led to my getting sick, but even if that's not true, I would imagine (hope) that at age 42 rather than 31, I would have slowed down by now.

    Of course, a lot of people I know are still working those hugely stresful weeks at age 55 or above, especially when they have kids to put through college. Like my friend's brother, a super-achiever, who died of that heart attack at age 52.

    I said before that CFS patients' viruses (unlike the HIV ones) are smart in that they don't kill their hosts. But now that I think about it, they're even smarter to keep us sitting on our butts all day, every day, so that it's very hard to stress ourselves to death. Not many heart attacks from overwork amongst CFS sufferers, I wouldn't think.

    I'd like to see mortality rates of people with and w/out CFS. Of course, cause of death would be different---CFS wouldn't have the heart attack/stroke stuff (since blood presssure is so low most of the time). I don't know about cancer. Upon reflection......for a list full of mostly women who are mostly 35+, I haven't seen too many breast cancer patients or survivors here, have you? Don't you think that's weird?

    My grandfather, who seems to have had CFS, died of adrenal cancer (that then spread) at age 79. That sounds exactly correct. Those organs that are stressed are most susceptible to cancer. Like hepatitis patients are _far_ more likely to get liver cancer than anyone else.

    But not only that......I wonder if CFS sufferers might actually live longer than average. I don't know what to do with that thought.

    For a man in 1983 to have lived to 79 was longer than average.

    Anyway, if I had to compare where I am on a very good day now to where I was compared with where I was when I first got sick, it would be at about a 3.

    But i've decided to go with that standard scale, which I think suggests that at a 7 you could work a full-time job with difficulty (meaning not doing much except resting the rest of the time). That sounds about right for me, except when I'm doing something stupid like having a yeast flare or when I'm experimenting with medicine.

    Of course, by "a full-time job" they mean 40 hours a week of not too strenuous work without a commute. And being able to do the job adequately but not exceptionally well.

    That's about where I was when I tried taking a full-time job as a tenure-track professor for a couple of years. I could have done the job if it had met those constraints.

    The problems were 1) that sort of job really requires more like 60 hours a week (if you're going to do research), b) lecturing to large groups of students is stressful (in retrospect I should have at least had a microphone....projecting my voice takes energy), and c) the commute to downtown Chicago was a killer.

    So I did it for two years, but I wasn't particularly good at it (whereas in my "previous life" I would have been the star of the school) and it totally exhausted me. To the point that my body decided to stop eating anything because digestion takes too much energy.

    In my mind, that's about a 7.

    A 7 sounds good in theory (that's where Ampligen supposedly gets you), but it's _really_ not where I want to spend the rest of my life.

    How did this get started? Sorry to intrude on your thread. I seem to be in the mode of writing little essays like this all over the place. They're more like pep talks for myself than they are anything else, I'm afraid.

    It's amazing what a consistent short-term effect Virustop has on you. It will be interesting as time goes on to see how you feel apart from getting these "colds".

    Glad you're doing reasonably okay anyway. :)
  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hey, Lisa and everyone,

    I suppose that there isn't enough data yet to collect mortality statistics for people with CFS. Man, I sure hope it doesn't shorten our lives.

    Okay, if a 7 is working a full-time job and doing nothing else, I'd probably be around a 4 or a 5 these days. That's my normal.

    Today was totally predictable, for me. I am still extra tired and sneezy and runny. I am developing dark circles under my eyes. I think that fighting viruses does affect a person's sleep quality. I can't seem to sleep enough.

    But what does help me is taking naps at times of the day when I don't usually take a nap. My body isn't expecting to get to rest then, and when it does, my immune system just loves it. That's when I make real progress in healing, it seems! But given my schedule of sleeping so much already, it's hard to find a new, additional nap time! lol

    I've got some ear ache going on. I guess it's where the battle is these days!

    Love, Forebearance
  14. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Status report:

    I'm only a tiny bit congested now, but I'm very tired.

    It's hard to tell objectively what's going on, because I've been pushing myself because of Christmas.

    I tried stopping the one capsule of Caprylic acid I take daily, because I ran out and I thought it wasn't doing much for me. When I did that, my tongue turned white and I felt the yeast coming back with a vengeance. So I guess the Caprylic acid does do something! I'm back on it.

    My endocrine system seemed to be doing better after being on the Myhill protocol for a week or two, and I stopped taking my phytoestrogen because I didn't seem to need it any more. But I overdid, energy-wise, and now my hormones are feeling low again. I think the dark eye circles were from lack of good quality sleep, from lack of estrogen.

    If I can just make it through the holidays, maybe I'll be better able to tell what's going on.

    Love, Forebearance
  15. cct

    cct Member


    When you take the Virastop, do you also take some other antivirals to kill the exposed viruses? Do you take antiviral meds (or supplements) to kill the viruses that the Virastop has made vulnerable?


    I read somewhere (I think it was on this message board) that the leading cause of death for people with CFS is more likely to be cancer, heart attack, or suicide. People with CFS are more likely to die form these situations than the "healthy" population.

  16. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hey, Carron,

    I take Caprylic acid, which is a mild anti-viral. I want to give turmeric a try, but I am waiting until I have a clear space to add another experiment. Right now I'm doing so much messing around with heart supplements, as well as still working on finding a level of Virastop that I can tolerate, that I don't want to add anything else.

    And well, the anti-viral that I really, really want to try is Nexavir. But I'm going to need my doctor's cooperation for that. I'm going to send her the Cheney DVDs and some chocolate bars and see if I can bribe her into watching it! lol

    Status report for me:
    Still snuffly and very tired.

    Love, Forebearance
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  17. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi, Jolie!

    Thanks for keeping in touch! I'm so glad you're making small progress!

    No, I haven't tried garlic in a serious, consistent way. It's never made it up to top priority on my "to try" list. lol And there are so many things on the list!

    I am still a bit congested, and still tired. I've been really messing around with my dose of thyroid, because the heart supplement routine appears to be making my thyroid gland wake up and I am getting a pounding, aching heart, as if from a thyroid overdose. It's scary! But it's good, I guess.

  18. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    It sounds like you are under the weather, too. Hope you bounce back in time for Christmas.

  19. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Thanks, CherylSue!
  20. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Okay, my legs began hurting last night, right on schedule, so I took a half a Virastop capsule. The pain stopped in about 15 mintues, as usual.

    Today I'm more tired, as usual.

    Whenever I take a Virastop, my need for thyroid and DHEA increases. But the heart supporting supplements I'm taking make me need less thyroid, DHEA, and other hormones.

    So it feels like I'm on a hormone rollercoaster these days! Just trying to figure out the right dose every day is a challenge!

    Love, Forebearance

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