CFS contracted as an infection and leading to Heart Failure

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    I have found the article on infections leading to CFS and the article on heart malfunction in patients with CFS very relevant to my experience. I developed the symptoms now recognized as CFS after a severe flu-like infection in September, 1972. Having always recovered from the various flu bugs very quickly and feeling somewhat invincible in my thirties I could not imagine not bouncing back to full health. When I eventually did seek medical help I got only the unhelpful "Everybody is tired" or "Work hard" and it was not until ten years later that I heard reports of symptoms mirroring my experience and attributed to "Yuppies Flu". At about the same time similar symptoms were reported for Lyme Disease. In 1981 I had a vigorous 8 year old collie vaccinated for the then new Parvo virus. The animal became profoundly ill from the vaccination and I later learned from a student at the local veterinary school that live cat distemper virus had been used. The infection eventually subsided but the animal was severely disabled and though he lingered on for another 3 years, he showed all the symptoms of CFS. In other words, this is a problem we share with other mammals and is not unique to Homo sapiens.

    By the 1980's I had symptoms of heart malfunction but again ecgs appeared to be normal. By the mid-eighties I was experiencing prolonged interuptions in my heart beat(a heart block)which my GP diagnosed as preventricular contractions not worth worrying about. After experiencing a dilated cardiomyopathy in 1996 I was treated for heart failure and then recognized that I had better develop my own expertise and monitor my own heart function. I now find that records of daily checks of my heart rate and rhythm via a stethoscope and blood pressure measurements allow me to correlate these measures of heart function with symptoms and to determine what works and what may be detrimental.
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    You really do have to be your own advocate, don't you? It's too bad....but it's true.

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