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    I've been a fibro patient for years now, but am thinking that I may now also suffer from CFS. Especially after reading the article in this month's issue about infections and CFS. I have had mono, parvo, and bronchitis within the last year. And I am always exhausted, even upon waking.
    My question is this: What type of doctor do you go to for diagnosis? A rheumatologist diagnosed the fibro. Is that where I go for CFS?
    Thanks, nightlady
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    I worked with my primary care physician (PCP) to rule out other causes of my symptoms. He gave me referrals to various specialists. I went to 2 rheumatologists, an infectious disease specialist, a cardiologist and a neurologist. These were in addition to the basic tests done by my PCP.

    I also went to an internist who specializes in CFS/FM. This was expensive because he is not in network.

    The exhaustion you suffer from could be from the fibro too. A good place to start is by looking up the CFS symptoms on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) web site to see if they align with your symptoms. One of the hallmark symptoms of CFS is post-extertional malaise which is not a normal type of fatigue.
  3. nightlady

    nightlady New Member

    I guess I'll do more research and start with my PCP.

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